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How to schedule New Year messages from WhatsApp

How to schedule New Year messages from WhatsApp

To pin a message, simply long press on it and choose “Pin.” (WhatsApp)

During celebrations End of yearIt is common for people to want to send messages to their family and friends. WhatsApp It has proven itself as an essential means of communicating these good wishes.

During the holidays, when so many activities and obligations pile up, we may forget to congratulate someone. Therefore, the practical solution is to schedule messages in advance to ensure everyone receives good wishes through them WhatsApp.

Device users Android He has the app WasafiAn application that allows you to schedule messages on WhatsApp easily.

1. Download Wasavi from Google Play and install it on your cell phone.

2. Give the app permissions so that it can access your phone's contacts when you open Wasavi.

3. Click the button with the “+” symbol within the app to start scheduling the message.

The application interface is very intuitive. (information)

4. Select the contact to whom the message will be sent and set the sending date and time.

5. Write the message and add a photo or video if desired.

6. Click “Send” to schedule the message.

7. Turn on notifications to receive a notification before a message is sent, allowing you to edit or reschedule it if necessary.

Users with devices internal control Department Applications can be used Scheduling also Skidit As an effective option for scheduling messages.

One option to ensure that everyone in your family gets your New Year's message is to schedule it. (Illustrative image)

1. Go to the App Store and download the scheduling app or Skedit for iPhone.

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2. When you use the app for the first time, give it the permissions it requests so it can work well.

3. Within the application, press the “+” button and choose “WhatsApp“.

4. Fill in the information requested by the application: contact, message and when you want to send it.

5. Unlock the phone at the specified time so that the application can use it WhatsApp And send the message alone.

By following these simple steps, any WhatsApp You can program and send a loving Christmas or New Year message just when the clock strikes midnight.

WhatsApp Web It has a screen lock feature that allows users to protect their conversations with a password.

This feature is especially valuable in Work environments Where multiple people can access a shared computer.

A custom password can be set to prevent unauthorized access to WhatsApp Web. (WhatsApp)

To configure the screen lock on WhatsApp Web, you must access the option session, represented by three vertical dots at the top right of the chat list. Hence it is necessary:

– Opens session.

– Search option Privacy.

– tap on screen's lock.

– By selecting this option, you can enter the password, and this must be confirmed by entering it again and then pressing He accepts.

– To create a password you must at least Six letters It includes only common letters, numbers, and punctuation marks.

In business environments, this tool can be very useful. (Archives)

– Then you have to choose the term (One minute, 15 minutes or an hour) to activate the screen lock automatically when inactive. This duration corresponds to the time that WhatsApp Web remains open in a browser tab without user interaction.

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– In case of closure WhatsApp WebThe lock will be applied immediately.

The app also provides an option roadblock WhatsApp Web manually. To activate it you need:

– Click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the chat list and then choose Lock the screen.

Voice notes marked with a special icon will indicate that they can only be listened to once, thus ensuring their confidentiality. (WhatsApp)

WhatsApp It announced the arrival of a new feature that allows you to send voice messages that are automatically deleted after listening to them once.

To maintain consistency with single viewing of photos and videos, voice message settings are the same as for “Once“.

So, when users want to read their credit card details to a friend or are planning a surprise, they can share confidential information via voice messages with greater peace of mind.