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How to fix audio problems on WhatsApp

How to fix audio problems on WhatsApp


If WhatsApp audios are not working for you or you are having problems, try these solutions to fix it.

Audios or voice messages have become one of the preferred tools for users to communicate through them The WhatsApp. However, it is possible sometimes that it does not work well on your mobile phone, tablet or computer, which will prevent you from playing it properly. for fix whatsapp sound problemsIn this guide, we offer you several solutions that may be useful to you.

First of all, before going deep, Remember to turn up the volume of the deviceWell, maybe the sound is playing normally, but you don’t hear it. If you have already checked this and the problems still remain, Try the following methods to fix it. We explain how to put it into practice step by step.

Solving your problems with WhatsApp audios is very simple.

Check if you have an internet connection

The first thing that you should do to solve your problems with WhatsApp voice messages is to check if your mobile phone has internet connection. We often find it difficult to use the messaging platform for the simple reason that We don’t have internet connection.

If you are using a Wi-Fi network, Enter the WiFi section of Settings from your smartphone to check that there are no connection problems. If you use mobile data, do the same, but Go to the “Mobile Data” section. under Settings. Once Make sure everything is going wellIt’s time to consider other possible causes of the problem.

WhatsApp down, possibility

The root of your problems with WhatsApp may simply be that Courier service is down. It doesn’t happen often, but it’s not rare either. for Find out if whatsapp is downyou may Use web pages as DownDetector, which will quickly tell you if the service is not working normally. Besides, you can also Go to Twitter to confirmwhere users tend to comment on it quickly.

If WhatsApp is down, the most normal thing is that Unable to listen to voice messages or audios of other users, and that Don’t send the ones you’ve recorded too. You will also not be able to send text messages or photos, or receive those messages that other contacts have sent you after the crash.

Make sure you have free space

To listen to an audio on WhatsApp, you first have to download it to your device, either on the internal storage or on the microSD card you have inserted. Therefore, it is necessary to have Free space in the place where voice messages are saved from the app.

How to speed up WhatsApp audios: change the speed to x2

go inside Settings > Storage And you can check how much free memory is left on your internal storage and SD card. If it is not there, it means that there is no space to download the audios, so you cannot play it on WhatsApp. you only need Remove items you don’t need To recover the free memory, in this way, you are able to download the audio notes.

By the way, if the voice messages are downloaded to the SD card, you should also take into account that the problems with this can be Voicemail not working. So, if you see that the audios cannot be downloaded or they are not available, proceed to Use another sd card. If it works normally, then you have already found the source of the problem.

Clear app cache

Clearing WhatsApp cache can be another solution to your audio issues. In addition, it is a very simple solution, as you only need a few seconds to implement it. also, clear whatsapp cache he is too Useful way to free up space on the device. This is the process:

  1. Enter your mobile phone settings.
  2. Access the section “Applications”, “Manage applications” or similar.
  3. Find WhatsApp and tap on it.
  4. Enter the section “storage” or “storage use”.
  5. Click on the option “Clear cache”.

How to fix audio problems on WhatsApp

Grant the necessary permissions to WhatsApp

There may be another problem with WhatsApp audios The necessary permissions have not been granted to the application. When we first start using it, whatever the device, WhatsApp asks us to access items like The microphone is the key element To send voice messages. If this permission is not granted, we will not be able to register it. These are the steps you must follow:

  1. Enter your mobile phone settings.
  2. Access the section “Applications”, “Manage applications” or similar.
  3. Find WhatsApp and tap on it.
  4. Enter the section “permissions”.
  5. Find and access Microphone permission Make sure it is enabled.

How to fix audio problems on WhatsApp

Update your WhatsApp app

Finally, you should also keep in mind that the WhatsApp app you have installed may be outdated, which prevents the audio from working properly. So, enter Google Play Store for Check if updates are available. If so, install it.

Another method can be effective Uninstall and reinstall Download whatsapp on your device. In this way, it is possible that all the problems that the voice messages were giving you will be gone. Now it’s your turn, it’s time to take full advantage of this amazing feature of WhatsApp.

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