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How the gang leader fled El Salvador and how they helped him in Guatemala to get to Mexico

A newspaper publication Lighthouse As the Salvadoran leader describes it Mara Salvatrucha Until Almar Canales Rivera fled El Salvador with his girlfriend and arrived in Mexico via Guatemala. A trip recorded in publications on social networks.

According to records, it was his accomplice, Yesi Carolina Chavez Ramirez, People who upload posts on their social networking accounts, mainly on Facebook.

Therefore, from November 2021 to January 2022, The two entered a restaurant in Jalpatagua, Judiapa, 15 minutes from El Salvador, for “a shrimp cocktail and a jumbo michelada.”

Mysteriously, canals, alias Crook, El Salvador’s Jacatecoluca was released from prison. There he served 40 years in prison.

The gang member was released late last year. “A fact that the Salvadoran government does not acknowledge”, He says Lighthouse.

His girlfriend was also jailed In 2010 he helped him carry out a kidnapping.

Canales, one of the biggest gang members in El Salvador, was first sentenced in 2000 and has been adding to his sentences since then; however, Unusually, he was released in November 2021 amid “secret negotiations”. between the state and gangs to reduce homicides.

Lighthouse Salvadoran official Carlos Marroquín recalled that in May he revealed an audio that could be heard explaining to the crew that he himself had picked up a gang member from El Salvador. And had brought him to Guatemala.

Marroquin was named to America’s Angel List last year for his role in gang negotiations. and for helping to free the canals.

Aided by Guatemalan gangs

According to the publication Lighthouse, Already in Guatemala, members of MS-13 helped the gang leader escape to Mexico. Not only him, but many other gang members.

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Journalist investigations also reveal that Canales and his girlfriend They stayed at a fancy Salvadoran hotel before leaving for Guatemala.

A member of the gang testified The masked men took him to the desired location In a pickup after being released.

He liked to post his luxuries like some iPhone 11s I saw it at the table in the Jalpatagua restaurant.

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Lighthouse He says he interviewed a Guatemalan gang member who said “the government of El Salvador only transferred him to the Guatemalan border.” Guatemalan gang members then “went down to look for him” and They took him to Chiapas, Mexico.

By early 2022, the mob boss and his wife would already be in Mexico City. A high-ranking member of MS-13, which smuggles immigrants, confirmed they would be in the city.

Nickname Crook and Chavez met in 2009 and entered into a relationship in Ciudad Barrios prison, the article states Lighthouse.