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El 73% de las médicas han sufrido machismo por parte de los pacientes

How many doctors have suffered from the masculinity of patients?

Doctor works.

a A study of inequality and masculinity In the medical group conducted by the Metges de Catalunya (MC) in which 685 doctors participated, they revealed that 73 percent of female doctors have experienced masculinity in dealing with patients.

Indicates discriminatory behaviour sexual language Users use it when they relate to medical professionals, but above all, b Difference in value and recognition Attributed by patients to male and female physicians. Thus, 65% of those surveyed believe that the credibility and authority granted to female doctors is less than that granted to male doctors.

In relationship in work teams, 41 percent of physicians confirmed that they experienced Masculine attitudes on the part of colleagues and superiors in the hierarchy (Presidents, Directors and Directors). In this sense, the survey confirms the glass ceiling that is also prevalent in the health sector. 56 percent of women feel that being a woman limits their chances of a career promotion, and 53 percent say that positions of responsibility in their workplace are held by men.

In the case of the Institut Català de la Salut (ICS), where 75 percent of the workforce is made up of women, Only 30% are in leadership positionsaccording to data from the public company II Pla d’Igualtat, which also puts the wage gap at 11 percent.

Does motherhood breed inequality?

74% of faculty think so Motherhood has affected your career progression. In fact, having children is the main factor of inequality for female physicians, both in terms of pay and access to management positions and leadership in health research projects.

Among its causes Increased request to reduce working hoursand leave of absence and permits for the care of minors and dependents, under-representation of women in leadership positions, particularly in the highest paid ones, lower number of recall hours performed by medical professionals and greater difficulty in obtaining certain salary supplements, as well as higher levels of professional life.

The Success is the root of the problemAccording to the participants in the medical association study. 67 percent indicated that they do not have the facilities to reconcile personal and work life. Based on the survey results, for Metges de Catalunya, it is “salt” that the Ministry of Health will apply Effective and non-rhetorical egalitarian politics.

What do Metjes demand from Catalonia?

The union calls for activating awareness campaigns targeting the population “Eliminate sexism from counseling”. On the other hand, it requires that female leadership be the ‘chief manager of the health department’, so that neither maternity nor the care of dependents is an obstacle to professional development or a cause of discrimination in employment and wages.

The Federation states that the feminization of medicine is a reality The health system ‘can’t be weird or static’ With regard to the changes and adaptations necessary to ensure equal rights and opportunities between women and men.

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