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How do you locate your Android phone or iPhone?

How do you locate your Android phone or iPhone?

We are used to having files cell phone At our disposal, many people tend to panic when they cannot find their device. But whether it is just a file Loss or case Lootingyou should know how much iOS how Android Advance tools so you can Locate your deviceEven when the phone is turned off.

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How do you locate your iPhone?

  • If you have another device available manzanago directly to apps Search my iPhone;
  • Once there, enter the account iCloud linked to the phone you are looking for;
  • You will then see the approximate location of the cell phone on the map.
  • You can also locate your iPhone from the following location: (www.icloud.com/find).

Keep one thing in mind, from the control panel displayed in Find my iPhone, you can activate “lost mode“From the team; it will be completely blocked and a message will appear on the screen with a code to contact you. Now, if you have lost hope of getting it back, it will be possible to erase all the information on your device from the same panel.


The app you will need for these purposes is called Android Device Manager. Although it is not installed from the factory, it is not necessary to download it to access to locate your phone. What is mandatory is that you have the username and password of google account linked to the team.

  • The first thing you need to do is to download Android Device Manager on your Android device;
  • Once you can open it, sign in with the Google account associated with the lost cell phone;
  • A map will be displayed where you can see the exact location of the equipment.
  • On this site you can find the web version of the app: (myaccount.google.com/find-your-phone)
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You can also lock the phone or wipe your data just like on an iPhone. But there is a drawback in this case; The Android app will locate your phone as long as it can access it Internet. Otherwise it would not be possible.

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In addition, if they return the equipment to factory condition, you will not have the possibility to locate it in this way. Thus, in order to take advantage of the benefits of the application, you will have to try to let as little time pass as possible after losing your phone.

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