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“Honestly, living in Cuba is unbearable.”

Cuban Reggaeton Yumel Hidalgo The concert, which was scheduled for next Saturday in Jaroko, was suspended, amid the tense situation on the island, with protests in several cities and a general blackout.

“We have decided to postpone tomorrow’s concert in Jaroko due to the sad and painful situation we are living in in the country,” Yumel wrote in his Instagram stories.

The artist stressed that “it is frankly unbearable to live in Cuba, because the evil that accompanies us does not have time to stop and everything continues from bad to worse, and the sad thing is that we do not know when it will end.”

Instagram Stories / Yumail

They’ve been unleashed in the last 24 hours Multiple protests against the government And widespread power outages, particularly in Havana neighborhoods such as Mantilla, Puentes Grandes, Guanabacoa, Calzada del Cerro, San Francisco de Paula, and others. Protests and Caserolazos have also been reported in other provinces such as Mayapeque and HolguĂ­n since Wednesday night.

in early september, Yumel confirmed that he does not intend to leave Cuba Whatever his music is being censored he denounced that the situation for them to allow him to sing was “still unbearable”.

“I repeat until you hear loud and strong, despite more obstacles and censorship, I will not leave my country, I am from Cuba and I love my country and my people madly,” he wrote on his Instagram stories.

Last year, the reggaeton player exploded on social media and denounced it She was censored in Cuba for nearly six yearsspecifically by the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television (ICRT), for its refusal to put Yumel Waldani’s music in the island’s media.

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Yumel was among the Cuban artists who joined the protests on July 11, 2021. The artist was arrested but released shortly after.

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