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Hold your breath before you meet the place where Dr. Polo is currently living

Hold your breath before you meet the place where Dr. Polo is currently living

for more than a decade Dr. Ana Maria Polo She achieved success as a host of the program.Case closedAfter years of hard work, the former driver managed to get luxury home in Florida.

This is Doctor Polo’s house. Photo: private

Where is Dr. Polo’s house?

According to the magazine my faceAnd Ana María is located in MiamiFlorida, is a place with a warm climate, allowing many properties to have extensive gardens, swimming pools, and even being on the beach front, characteristics that Dr. Polo’s residence has.

The luxury residence has been featured in many posts on social networks By Dr. Polo, it has two floors and is built in a very classic and elegant style. In addition, it is located on the seashore.

away from the small screen, for several years, Dr. Polo lives quietlyshowing some of his privacy to his followers, to whom he occasionally shows certain spaces in the residence.

Dr. Polo’s blessing. Photo: private

Luxurious accommodation

This residence has a dock, where some small boats owned by the former TV star are located, extensive gardens, and Swimming pool with solar and even Outdoor hot tubWhere the doctor usually spends very happy moments.

Regarding the interior, Dr. Polo’s house has a kitchen with an island in the center, which has been the recording set for many videos, and a very cozy room with a large fireplace, which she also boasted about on her social networks.

Dr. Polo’s dining room. photo: Instagram

sum, The luxury residence has six roomsfour bathrooms, a recreation room with billiards and a room where Dr. Anna Maria houses all the awards she has received during her career.

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This is Dr. Polo’s bedroom. photo: Instagram

Undoubtedly, Dr. Anna Maria’s luxurious home has nothing to envy to a residence where no other showbiz personality lives in Florida, making it a very special place for the former TV star.

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