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Helmut Marko "Cheko lost the podium because of us"

Helmut Marko “Cheko lost the podium because of us”

One of the main voices confirms that Checo lost 3rd place due to his bad stop

Principal Adviser to Red Bull Helmut Marko was outspoken in noting that Sergio Checo Pérez failed to get his third podium finish of the season due to the team’s failure by taking 4.8 seconds to the first pit stop.

After the Styria Grand Prix in which Checo Pérez finished fourth and was just 0.5 tenths away from beating Valtteri Bottas, Helmut highlighted the work the 31-year-old from Guadalajara has done with the Austrian team.

“Checo lost the podium to us. I’m very happy with Checo. It was our fault at the stopping point. It’s getting better, even in the rating,” the doctor told the network. dazn.

In response to a question about Checo Pérez’s future with the Austrian national team, Marko did not get into trouble and calmed down the situation with reference to it. “We still have time to renew it.”

Checo Pérez managed to stay third in the Drivers’ World Championship at home to the Austrian team’s home Grand Prix.

Sergio had an intense race right from the start, as he first had to contend for third place during the first 10 laps with McLaren driver Lando Norris.

Later, the Mexican had to make up for lost time in the pits and after the second stop he regained a 20-second deficit to finish half a second after beating Bottas.

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Red Bull boss Christian Horner also apologized to Sergio at the end of the home race by saying “sorry for the stop, good job for the rest”.

The next date will be at the same Austrian circuit, but officially it will be the Austrian Grand Prix. Red Bull started as the organization’s favorite to win with Verstappen; It would be revenge for a guy from Guadalajara, who stayed very close to the podium in Styria itself.