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heat vs.  Celtics, Game 6 NBA Playoffs score and stats: Stunning victory for Boston in the last tenth of a second

heat vs. Celtics, Game 6 NBA Playoffs score and stats: Stunning victory for Boston in the last tenth of a second

the Eastern Conference Finals affiliate 2023 NBA Playoffs between Miami Heat how Boston Celticsbut no meeting reached the full extent of this Match 6 from Boston He won in the last tenth of a second.

Derrick White was Boston’s saviorMiami, punished by an offensive rebound miracle, still keeps the hopes of the Celtics alive, who will be the home owners in Game 7 that will determine this series next Monday, while the Denver Nuggets await the winner of the NBA Finals.

The Celtics seem to have the game in their pocket, before a bad night in Miami that was only buoyed by the success of the locals’ three-point shot (they finished 14-30) and how poor Boston was in that area (7-35). but, Boston’s nine points lead evaporated in the last three minutes versus 11 points from Jimmy Butler, who at the time added nearly as much in the rest of the game (shooting 5-21 from the field).

Miami seemed to have accomplished the miracle with Butler’s three free throws with three seconds left, which put him ahead. But there is still time for more That’s why the Celtics are still standing this season. And the illusion of writing the The biggest comeback in the history of an NBA game.

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How was the Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics? The final result of the sixth game

equipment 1 c 2 c 3 c 4 c the total series
heat 29 24 19 31 103 3
Celtics 3. 4 23 22 25 104 3

Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics live

End of the match: Boston Celtics won 104-103 Thanks to a double by Derek White in the last tenth of a second.

103-102 (2.1 seconds) An unnecessary foul by Horford on Butler awarded the Miami player three free throws, which he converted and left his team ahead. Boston has the last ball to try to avoid being eliminated.

100-102 (16.2 seconds) – Marcus Smart missed a free throw after possession as the onrushing Robinson attempted a three-pointer to put Miami ahead by two points. Miami has the ball to try to take this into overtime or end the series.

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100-101 (53 seconds) – Butler’s 2+1 and Miami can continue to feel the game winning streak: Jamie’s points came at the most important moment of the night.

97-101 (1:01) – Miami caught the tying ball on a three-point attempt by Duncan Robinson, only at 45 degrees, but he missed it and on the other side Jaylen Brown added a free throw on two attempts to get the visit out of the ground a bit.

96-100 (2:00) – Miami’s Last Moment of Illusion: A trilogy by Jimmy Butler and the locals are far from a tie.

88-98 (4:56) – 2 + 1 by Smart on Robinson after a triple from Derrick White and Boston certainly regained control of the game.

83-87 (7:15) Boston quickly regains the lead, with a 2+1 from Brown on Butler and two more free throws from Jaylen. main work? This massive block from Al Horford to Bam Adebayo.

83-82 (7:50) – Miami leads the game! Eight yards from a three-pointer from Duncan Robinson and a basket from Jimmy Butler after an offensive rebound and Florida’s team went ahead for the first time since the first quarter.

78-82 (9:11) Miami pulled out a 6-2 lead against Boston without Tatum and got close to the Celtics now, but needed Butler to activate, who missed another shot and then committed an offensive foul. 2-16 him from the field.

The last quarter has begun.

End of the third quarter: Miami again finished the period on a high note with a 7-1, but barely helped them get seven behind Boston as they lost 79-72. Robert Williams plays a crucial role in the game, with stunning defensive work that leads Miami to miss most of their two-point attempts. If the Celtics don’t have the game in their pocket, it’s because of a 5-25 triple.

65-75 (3:58) – Miami’s great work on the boards with 12 offensive rebounds out of 34 chances didn’t get earned points in the paint like Boston added 34 chances there.

60-62 (7:24) — a partial 5-0 lead for the Heat, who are finding it difficult to build up Boston, but from the free throw line managed to close in on the Celtics in a very flat, closed game.

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55-59 (11:19) – Erik Spoelstra took advantage of his challenge and made a foul that was Caleb Martin’s third that ended up being deleted.

partnerThe third quarter has begun.

end of the second quarter – Boston win 57-53, because Miami was able to respond in the final minutes in which they were finally able to block the good shots of the Celtics, who went almost four minutes without making a field goal.

Tatum has 25 points, is perfect on free throws with an 11-11, and between Brown and Smart add another 20. And in Miami, unexpectedly, it was Martin with 14 goals and Vincent with 11 points. . Robert Williams retired to the locker room with a sore left hand.

41-52 (3:59) – The game has Tatum’s narration on offense, which Miami still can’t control and that makes for a hard night for the locals.

39-46 (6:30) – Maximum advantage on the night for Boston, with Tatum now elusive at 17 points. He and Brown each add more points than Butler and Adebayo combined and Miami is struggling, while the Celtics are really in for a bonus.

38-40 (9:04) – Triples support Miami in the game: There are already three in this quarter and a 7-11 total in the game.

32-38 (10:23) – A hat-trick from Duncan Robinson takes Miami to zero in this game, but on the other hand, Marcus Smart answers with a 2 + 1. Joe Mazzola surprises by giving Sam Houser minutes in the turnover.

The second quarter has begun.

End of the first quarter: Boston Celtics gana for 34-29, with 3-8 in triples, with a 60% share of campo y mayor comodidad que Miami a hora de atacar porque de fensa del Heat no está tan solida como se la espera jugando en a house. Tatum and Brown make the difference in a game where Butler leads 1-5.

20-26 (2:09) – Partial 6-0 over the Celtics in the first minute to Miami without Bam Adebayo on the field.

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16-20 (4:25) – Boston looks a little better in the game, with more confidence in its stars: Brown made two baskets in a row and has already reached 10 points.

11-11 (6:10) – They still don’t make a difference, despite a great game by Caleb Martin for Miami, already with six points plus Jaylen Brown for Miami. Neither Butler nor Tatum have scored a goal yet.

5-4 (9:00) – Miami gained an advantage at the start of the match, wasting many shots and the only triple hit scored by Max Stross, who is facing several frictions with Al Horford.

The match has begun!

Welcome to Al-Kasia Center! The Miami Heat hosts the Boston Celtics in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Malcolm Brogdon won’t play tonight due to an injured right arm and is a huge casualty of the Boston Celtics’ turnover, which will be further shortened from the last game unless Joe Mazzola trusts Payton Pritchard in that spot.

In the entire history of the NBA, three teams have managed to take a series that started as a 3-0 loss in Game 7: the New York Knicks in 1951, the Denver Nuggets in 1994, and the Portland Trail Blazers in 2003. All three lost in Game 7, but Facing them as a visitor, in a situation that will be different than what Boston would have had if they had won today.

Miami Heat starting fifth:

Gabe Vincent, Max Strauss, Jimmy Butler, Caleb Martin, Pam Adebayo.

Boston Celtics Fifth Start:

Derek White, Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, Jason Tatum, Al Horford.

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