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Health announces a voluntary withdrawal of Johnson and Johnson’s Janssen vaccine

Health announces a voluntary withdrawal of Johnson and Johnson’s Janssen vaccine

This morning, Health Minister Carlos Meladu Lopez announced the voluntary withdrawal of the Janssen vaccine manufactured by Johnson & Johnson as a result of the information disclosed yesterday, Thursday, about the investigation of possible contamination. In the mentioned vaccine.

“As a precaution, and after consulting with health workers in our department, we have taken a decision to suspend vaccination activities with Johnson and Johnson, giving priority to the health and safety of citizens. We will wait for the required information regarding the numbers of vaccine kits that have arrived in Puerto Rico and verify that they are safe,” Meladu Lopez said in written statements. .

Currently, 105 providers are receiving doses of the Janssen vaccine. Among them, five service providers continued immunization activities. These providers are: the Immunization and Health Promotion Alliance (VOCES), the College of Surgeons of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico Salud and Ashford Hospital, who will not currently be able to use the vaccine as directed by the Department of Health. Likewise, the vaccination center that was set up to start today at Luis Muñoz Marin Airport remains suspended until the vaccine is known to be safe.

“We are continuing to advance in the immunization process. Currently, 39% of the eligible population has completed a series of two doses of the vaccine and 49% of the population with at least one dose. We are on the right track, within five months we have achieved a lot and continue our efforts with more than 600 suppliers across the island are receiving the vaccine from Pfizer and Moderna, ”Meladu Lopez said.

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