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Health and well-being in companies and the main reasons for the implementation of the Vigilance Plan with Potencia tu Evolución in the company

Health and well-being in companies and the main reasons for the implementation of the Vigilance Plan with Potencia tu Evolución in the company

According to a report by the Generation and Talent Observatory, 61% of workers in Spain feel that their company does not pay much attention to their physical and emotional health. For good work and personal performance, the World Health Organization and the International Labor Organization recommend an application Mindfulness To reduce stress levels.

For this reason, and as a contribution to corporate health and well-being, the Boost your developmentservice Mindfulness hybrid combine Programming For the employee, training and constant monitoring that allows its users to enjoy and improve their well-being from their own experience.

corporate well-being

Several studies have shown that Mindfulness It is a resource that benefits the employee emotionally and mentally, as it increases their productivity levels by improving focus, reducing stress and anxiety, and contributing to better decision-making and problem-solving. Likewise, betting on high levels of well-being translates into increased talent retention and team development. Beside that It reduces absenteeism and stress, generates greater motivation and productivity in work teams, increases employee skills and improves work environment and interpersonal relationships.

Organizations can offer tools that help employees achieve better emotional and mental well-being. Excessive workload tends to cause anxiety or stress in workers, which can gradually develop into depression. According to the Adecco study on happiness at work, published in 2020, it indicates that 59% of Spanish professionals surveyed reported experiencing some kind of work stress in the past year. With this reality in mind, Power your Evolution offers a solution to Mindfulness Tailored to each company, or you can choose from pre-set plans. Your Power Evolution is 100% compatible with any mental health plan. Studies support that Mindfulness It is a great ally and perfectly complements psychotherapy, as it has been shown to provide significant benefits.

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Tips for improving emotional well-being

Emotional well-being can be enhanced from two perspectives. On the other hand, the organization can implement strategies such as reducing the burden of responsibilities, flexibility in working hours (especially if they are remote jobs), promoting work-life balance and mindful leadership.

On the other hand, workers can use proper management of pending tasks, cultivate the relationship they have with their colleagues and favor a positive environment.

In the latter case, Power your Evolution does a favor Mindfulness Which combines the implementation plan in 3 phases:

Starting a specific workshop for the employee with the aim of raising awareness about The vigilance in which you will learn Resources through live demo dynamics with an expert dedicated to each company.

The employee is then given access to the Potencia tu Evolución app, a highly rated mobile application in Mindfulness With 24/7 availability, so you can work out from home and at your own pace.

The final stage consists of having ongoing support and monthly follow-up available Connected With a specialist where the employee can resolve doubts and learn how to improve practice.

Therefore, we say that Power Your Evolution is a hybrid service, because it combines the digital strategy of vigilance programme With workshops and support from certified experts to improve the well-being of the company and the work environment from their own experience.

What companies can you benefit from? Mindfulness?

he Mindfulness It targets any type of company, as its benefits can be applied in different sectors and sizes of companies. It is very useful to use a resource Vigilance in both high stress index firms and tAlso for prevention. The benefits are many: improving the health and well-being of your employees, enhancing focus and mental clarity, and increasing efficiency and productivity. At the same time, it is an appropriate corrective measure for psychosocial study, to reduce elevated levels of stress and anxiety.

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