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He raised who the "greatest enemies" of Latinos are in America, and many agreed: "They take advantage."

He raised who the “greatest enemies” of Latinos are in America, and many agreed: “They take advantage.”

Laura Calderon is from Colombia and has been in the North American country for five years. Before reaching As the true ideal of the American dream, he had to go through a lot Unfortunate moments. Now he shares how his life fits into the reality of America. In one of his videos, he describes a recurring problem he faces in the Latin American community where he lives, which can be difficult for newcomers to adjust to.

In TikToker’s view, a Latino main competitor is unfortunately another Latino. Although he considered that there were certain categories within that classification. So, in general, he listed three types of people who make life difficult for his companions.

Immigrants believe that newcomers to the U.S. are taking advantage of their ignorance. People who fit this profile promise to help them get a house, car insurance, or any other need, but with ulterior motives. “It is advantageous to cheat you and steal money”, he narrated in one of the last videos on his account @lauracalderontv.

According to TikTok, who is the number one enemy of Latino in America?

is in second place Latin “He who holds papers and thinks himself superior to others.” These types of people, according to Laura, discriminate against people from their own country. Because they seem to think that they are in a position of power because of their legal status.

The creator of the content felt that even the closest people who were entrusted with the most intimate details of the experience in that country might have bad intentions. “Maybe someone who works with you or lives with you and can see that you’re doing even a little better than him. He’s lived here for years, so he doesn’t like it, jealousy plays its part,” he said.

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In that sense, The Colombian made some recommendations so that his comrades would not fall victim to fraud or deception.. “I always advise you not to be afraid to ask official sources (town halls, community schools, government agencies, etc.) for information. Nothing will happen,” he said.

He also asked foreigners to be more careful while seeking help. Especially if they are settled in the country: “Use your instincts with people”.

The outsider assumed that although there are bad people, there are also good-intentioned people.@lauracalderontv/TikTok

The virtual community participated in the comments section. Some confirmed Laura’s version by telling their own experiences: “I have a restaurant in the community and I asked her for a job when I arrived, but she didn’t want to give me”; “Your family always says, ‘You’re not here in Peru,’ and that’s the least you do,” shared another Latino.

And some users offered a suggestion to socialize with people from different nationalities: “That’s why you should learn English and make friends with the native gringos” advised.