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He described how much he earns working a week in the US and said it allows him to save

He described how much he earns working a week in the US and said it allows him to save

Agustin is from Argentina and immigrated to the United States Hoping for a better quality of life. He currently resides in Texas and his social media presence There he gave an overview of how much money he makes, as well as what the costs are. What they asked him the most was what work he had done to earn that amount of money, leaving everyone wondering. The young man went viral by publishing many details What it means to live the American dream.

It’s through his TikTok account @.agustinzge There he posted a video in which he can be seen counting the money he received in seven business days. As he said, He was paid $1,041 for remodeling and cleaning services.. Of course, he made it clear that he told everything from his experience and that there may be jobs that pay more or less.

He calculated how much he earns in a week working in America.

Although not all the information is clear, according to the users of this social network. So they took advantage of Augustine’s mentality Ask a few other questions about what expenses you need: housing, food, transportationAmong other things, to get an idea of ​​how much you can save in a month.

“You forgot to mention that you have to pay rent, car insurance, health insurance, food, etc.”, “Living here in America the American dream is not about how much you earn but how much you save”, some questioning comments forced him to make a second explainer video.

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Young Argentina He explained to his followers what to invest while living in the US territory. He gave a big picture to all who wanted to follow in his footsteps. “Nothing is free hereThe phrase he wanted to make clear is that you should try to get the profits that many people expect.

How much does a working person in USA spend per month?

Augustine listed everything he spent in a month and ended up with the following amounts:

finally, He said that what he earns in a week, which he showed in his video, helps him a lot to cover the necessary expenses, and he can save the rest.. This is how he became the envy of some who wanted to be in his shoes. “Here you have to work at least two weeks, pay the rent, pay it in a week,” they told him in comments.

When questioned about the required permission to earn income in a North American country, Augustine recommends always having a valid visa. So inside The Citizenship and Immigration Service page lists visas A foreigner can claim depending on the profession or profession they are going to undertake.

The most common is that an employer processes the document for one of his workers, but a professional can do it himself and work for a company.