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Hazaa Wessin, the physical trainer who wants to represent DR in the World Classics

Hazaa Wessin, the physical trainer who wants to represent DR in the World Classics

Despite being the largest producer of foreign professional players in the major leagues, there is always room for the Dominican Republic to be a leader in some aspects of the beautiful game of the Caribbean country.

This time it is up to the field of physical and sports training, where Hazael Wesen Strive to be and make history.

He was recently promoted to physical coach for the Houston Astros, the first time in history that Dominican held this position in the “big tent.”

Born in Lucerna and raised in Insanche Ozama in Santo Domingo, the story could have been different for Hazel.

Like many Dominicans, I had a dream of signing in the major leagues. I was offered an offer but the best decision I made, even though it wasn’t at the time, was to go to the States. I continued through college on my own, trying to get through to enlist but that never happened,” says Weisen, who left for the United States at the age of 19.

He went on to get involved in baseball, and attended several auditions, thinking he might become a scout but considering studies would be an important factor in his life.

“I studied sports management, it was probably the only profession related to sports. He wanted to be a scout. I didn’t know there was a ‘strength coach’ because I didn’t have one before. There was a coach who was ‘everything’, he gave you training and now, let’s introduce it.”

But in his senior year of college, an important opportunity came, first with the Boston Red Sox through a relationship he was having with Jesús Allo, realizing he felt comfortable inside the gym.

The story changed when, through Andy Nunez, a psychologist, he was able to start working with the Astros and since then, on February 14, 2015, he started climbing positions and where a new chapter will soon begin, now in the major leagues.

Among his goals for this new challenge, he made three relevant points: to win the world championship again now with the great team, to work alongside the MVP winner, and to be part of the Dominican team in world baseball. classic.

I want to represent my country by being the World Classic physical trainer. It’s something to say publicly, I am willing to contribute to my nation in an event of this magnitude, but these are things that slip away from one’s hands. But that’s something I’ve always said, I want to represent my country,” Weisen concluded.

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