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Having confessed that he had left Desperta America, Jomarie Guiso left the United States and arrived in Spain.

Having confessed that he had left Desperta America, Jomarie Guiso left the United States and arrived in Spain.

Christmas has arrived and many artists are already on vacation to celebrate with their families. This is the case Jomari Joysu, who took a flight to leave the United States and go to meet his family in Spain.

Through social media, the Spaniard appeared since he was on the plane watching the beautiful sunset, until he was reunited with his relatives after not seeing each other for a long time.

During the entire trip, Jamri was very excited to get to his country and see his family. He sang in the videos with joy, recording the track that would take him home.

Once he got home, his nephews ran to welcome and cuddle him with great happiness to see him again. His sister and grandmother did the same.

But they were not all that Gomari wanted to greet him with love, for, after embracing his relatives, he immediately went into the yard to give affection to the horse they had in his stable, named Dorado Goeso.

Is it wrong to go see the horse first?Al-Jamri said in the audiovisual as his nephews and grandmother came out joyously to welcome him.

Reunion. Hugs that heal the soul… #family #vileznavidadInfluencer Books.

His fans commented on the post. “Nothing like being with the family! Enjoy and see that there is no better place than at home to feel reborn! I adore you. But if you take a short tour in the south, through Malaga, this is your home,” his followers wrote.

His departure from Desperta America

Few days ago, Jomari revealed in his podcast “Sin Rodeo” What is the reason for leaving Desperate America? In front of his guest Tony Danrades.

Let’s remember that the beauty and fashion guru was a member of the “Sin Rollo” committee, a division of Univision’s morning that tackled current issues that have become controversial.

When Tony asked him why he didn’t go back to Seine Rollo, he replied: “Not in my power, Tony, I never left Dispira America.”

When doubting why he was not in his power, Joieso explained: “It was a decision from above, as they say on TV. I fought a lot to make Wake Up America, you know Luz Ma [productora ejecutiva de Despierta América], but then I have a power that I have, but there is another power that I have no control over. But Wake Up America, I like what Sin rollo looks like“.

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