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Half Metro gives a subtle hit to the pirate sound; Already recorded half time personal

A few weeks ago, social networks were filled with videos of a short dancer, who captivated netizens with his epic steps in Sonderos. was about half a metre, Character embodied by Jose Eduardo Rodriguezdressed as Chavo del 8 quickly gained fame.

However, after having discrepancies with Pirate Sound, The dancer chose to take a different pathto which thousands of reactions were generated on the Internet, as many believed that it would never be the same.

Who owns the personal rights?

Medio Metro is the character that came out of the Pirate Sound dances where Jose Eduardo He gained a lot of followers with his steps. After they broke up, they both started having projects on their own, so A second half meter appeared.

However, Jose Eduardo Rodriguez recently bragged on social networks that he He had personal rightsso he called on his impersonators to contact their legal advisors so that they would not run into trouble.

Friends, friends, followers and the general public, today I want to tell you that you are truly Jose Eduardo, Medio Metro, I am the only person who has personal rights reservation Metro Artistic Medium.

“by I invite people who use the character’s name to reconcile With my legal team so we can come to good terms and stop confusing people. His usual friend: Jose Eduardo “, he posted on his social networks.

How did people take it?

In what was an accurate strike against Pirate Sound, because he’ll have to stop using the Medio Metro characterNetizens severely criticized Jose Eduardo Rodriguez, because they consider that what he did was not good.

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I hope Florinda Meza cuts all the moves to come out with a Chavo del 8 suit“,” Half a meter came out sly and a half ; “Yes, in a couple of months no one will remember you, what are you doing to your mother …”, some comments against it.