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Los 'hackers' que atacaron a la empresa de 'software' Kaseya exigen 70 millones de dólares en bitcoines por el descifrado

Hackers who attacked software company Kaseya demand $70 million in bitcoins for decryption


July 6, 2021 00:29 GMT

The cyber attack affected thousands of people in at least 17 countries, destabilizing the operation of companies in various sectors, including financial services, travel and entertainment companies or public entities.

A group affiliated with the REvil Internet criminal gang, which last week launched a cyber attack against Kaseya, a software provider based in Miami (Florida, USA), which affected thousands of people around the world, demanded a total of 70 million people on Sunday. dollars of bitcoins in exchange for a tool capable of decrypting all affected equipment, Reports AP.

He felt attacked in at least 17 countries –United kingdomAnd the CanadaAnd the Kenya s New Zealand, among other things, destabilizing the work of companies in various sectors, including financial services, travel and leisure companies, as well as public bodies.

The FBI indicated that it was investigating the case with the Infrastructure and Cyber ​​Security Agency, although it cautioned that the “magnitude of this incident” could make it impossible to treat each victim individually. For his part, US President Joe Biden responded after the “penetration”, confirming that Washington answer to If it is decided that Russia Involved in the attack.

For his part, spokesman for the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, indicated that the Kremlin did not study the information about what happened, stressing that cybercrime could be the subject of consultations between the two parties. reach TASS.

they managed to

timing of the “breakout”

By all indications, hackers launched a “zero-day” attack, a term used to refer to it Security gap in the program”. In these cases, criminals infiltrate a computer system and plant “malware” that renders it useless, waiting for the victims to pay. extortion lawsuits Thus obtaining the decryption key.

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In addition, experts assert that the cyber attack was carried out deliberately at the beginning of the holiday week associated with July 4th, as US offices during these days suffered from staff shortages due to the celebration of the celebration. Independence Day.

Previously, the processing company JBS USA, dedicated to the distribution and marketing of meat products in the USA, I acknowledge After she paid a total of $11 million to break free from an attack attributed to REvil.