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Hacienda and influencer Christian Agronte seal an agreement

Hacienda and influencer Christian Agronte seal an agreement

Treasury and Defense YouTuber and Influencer Jorge Christian Batista AgronteKnown on social media as Chris Agronte, he is finalizing an agreement, with the goal that the businessman will also pay several million dollars in money he owes the government.

Batista Agronte was indicted on July 13 for violating the Internal Revenue Code, following allegations Not reporting income in excess of $11 million and not paying treasury $7.6 million between 2017 and 2022a number that includes fines and interest.

The potential agreement with the Treasury appeared Monday at the start of the trial against the businessman in San Juan District Court, which was scheduled to be held on August 31 by Judge Nerisviel Doran Guzmán.

Although Batista Agronte’s attorney, Francisco Repolo, refused to provide details of the agreement, The plaintiff in charge of the case, Deborah Rodriguez, speculated that the influencer might pay less than the amount owed. But he stressed that the accused will face fines in criminal proceedings.

Similarly, as part of the agreement, the Public Prosecution announced that the ban imposed by the Treasury Department on the businessman could be rescinded and void. Among other things, the agency confiscated bank accounts and two luxury cars in the businessman’s name: a 2021 Mercedes-Benz G550 worth $239,884, and a 2020 Lamborghini Urus bus worth $349,599.

“Mr. Batista Agronte is in favor of paying and repaying all the money owed. They (Hacienda and the defendants) are in the process, and it is not overnight and it takes some time.”established Rodríguez, explaining that the start of the trial was postponed due to the lack of some documents from the Treasury.

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on questions new dayThe agency’s press spokeswoman, Wilmar Trenta, confirmed the talks between the two parties, but stressed that at the moment “there is no agreement.”

Should the expert appear in court next week, the judge warned that she would accept her “as long as it complies with the law.”

Defend your customer

Meanwhile, Rebollo defended that his client, who is marketing himself as a foreign exchange network expert, “is simply a Puerto Rican taxpayer who has been notified of a shortage by the Treasury.”

“A week after he was notified, (Batista Agronte) submitted all of his updated forms, the forms that the Treasury did not accept. In addition, she would fully comply with her tax obligations.”Lawyer added.

Although the attorney tried to minimize the case, the indictment shows that Batista Agronte owes $4.5 million individually and $3 million to his JetTrades LLC, through which he provides financial advice in Puerto Rico, the United States and other Latin American countries.

It was also alleged that the young man was not registered with the Unified Internal Revenue System (SURI) and that the payments he received came from platforms such as PayPal, Evenbrite and Stripe.

Repollo’s expressions prompted a reaction from Treasury Secretary Francisco Paris, who reiterated via Twitter that there was no agreement with the defendant and that he disagreed that the case was “just a tax deficiency”.

“For the welfare of Puerto Rico, tax evasion issues should not be treated as ‘mathematical errors’,” the official claimed.

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Meanwhile, for Rodriguez, filing the returns is the direct responsibility of each individual, who should not depend on the state “behind” the taxpayer.

“There is not much difference between the great merchant, the millionaire, and us wage earners, who have the responsibility to file returns every year.”Rodriguez noted.

Batista Agronte, who posted a $100,000 bond after they found a reason for his arrest, faces three to eight years in prison and a fine of up to $20,000.