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Guido denuncia corrupción en la pasada administración de Autoridad Portuaria Dominicana

Guido denounces corruption in the previous administration of the Dominican Port Authority

The former legal advisor to the Executive Authority, Guido Gómez Mazara, denounced the alleged corruption acts in the previous administration of the Dominican Ports Authority, and its former director, Victor Gómez Casanova, which exceeded 300 million pesos.

Gómez Mazara, who deposited the documents this Monday with the Special Prosecutor for Anti-Corruption (Pepca), classifies this process as evasion, theft, money laundering, criminal association, and more.

When interviewing him for El Despertador (SIN Group), the jurist said he had obtained certified documents stating that a large sum of all citizens have been spent managing Gómez Casanova in restaurants.

He added, “There are restaurant expenses close to five million pesos,” in addition to unloading the corporation’s cars that do not appear like a Mercedes Benz or a jeep. Interactive software has also been paid.

He said he was also complaining about seven key officials at the foundation, as there were payrolls for a total of 333 people who had not gone to work, and had been paid 168 million pesos who were not the ultimate beneficiaries but a check at the end. There was also a list of the members of the party he was a member of (Partido Revolucionario Dominicano).

He said that these are not partisan issues, it is an attempt to clean up patriotism. It is a reproduction of this scheme, two triangular lists appeared, the names of people who were not the ultimate recipients of the resources appeared.

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