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guess who?  He used to work as a cashier and now he has a Bugatti 3 million dollars

guess who? He used to work as a cashier and now he has a Bugatti 3 million dollars

The Puerto Rican singer achieved unprecedented success that allowed him to acquire a Bugatti Chiron Sport 110 worth 3.5 million dollars. Read on and find out who we’re talking about.

Bugatti Throughout its history, it has always been in the top 3 most recognizable car brands in the world. founded by Ettore Bugatti In 1909 in a small town Molsheima few kilometers from the Rhine River that forms the border between France and Germany, from its beginnings has been the flag of luxury and elegance typical of Galician country.

“Nothing can be so beautiful, and nothing can be so expensive.‘, is its sales motto and defines what awaits us when we encounter a model made by the brand. Hence, the personalities of the world have Bugatti as something desirable that also serves as a promotional mascot in the social ranking.

From Tork we search our own archives and reveal the story of a simple young man born in Almirante Sur, Puerto Rico, who as a teenager worked as a cashier in a supermarket and is currently the most listened artist – for the second year in a row- on Spotify and has a Chiron Sport 110 in his garage: Yes, we’re talking about bad bunny.

Bad Bunny with Bugatti

The Puerto Rican singer was the first urban artist to add this model from the French brand to his $3.5 million repertoire. The Bugatti Chiron was recognized in 2017 as the world’s fastest production car Thanks to its top speed of 490 kilometers per hour.

This performance can only be achieved thanks to the W16’s mid-engined 8.0-liter engine with around 1,500 hp. Since Bad Bunny added a Bugatti to his garage, Puerto Ricans cross the human threshold to reach the lucky Olympus They can drive one of the most unique cars ever.

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