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Jorge Moreno le ataja el tiro penalti a Esteban Lozano. (Foto Prensa Libre: Fedefut)

Guatemala’s sub-20 squad qualified for the World Cup in Indonesia 2023 despite two disputes over refereeing

Guatemala’s under-20 team faced Mexico This Wednesday in the quarter-finals of CONCACAF World CupHe was one of the great heroes Honduran referee Said Martinez.

Bicolor advances on the scoreboard, at the 29th minute, thanks to the introduction of Arquímidez Ordóñez. The equalizer for Mexico was 74, scored by Esteban Lozano. The match was decided in favor of Guatemala by penalty shootout thanks to the performance of Jorge Moreno.

This was the first controversy, the goal of Lozano. Internet users denounced on social networking sites that the ball touched the Mexican player’s hand before entering the goal, although the pictures are not clearly visible.

Former Guatemalan referee Jonathan Polanco posted this on Twitter “Any handball before a goal should be penalized regardless of whether it was intentional or not”according to rule 12.

This action was in the goal of Esteban Lozano, for the Mexican equalizer (1-1).

The second major arbitration controversy It was in the 87th minute, when Said Martinez scored a penalty kick for Mexico. This was the play in which Jorge Moreno finally became a character by stopping Lozano’s shot.