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Guaido denounces that they surrounded his house and tried to arrest him

Guaido denounces that they surrounded his house and tried to arrest him

(CNN Español) – Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó He denounced this Monday, after learning The arrest of fellow opponent Freddy Guevara, he tried to leave his home in Caracas, but was intercepted by police who pointed at his car with long weapons, he said.

Guaido told the media that went to the scene that the officials did not identify themselves and did not show any kind of court order.

In the photos taken by CNN, it was noted that the uniform of one of the agents bears the acronym DIE, which belongs to the Directorate of Intelligence and Strategy of the Bolivarian National Police.

Guaido’s press team shared a short video allegedly taken from the car in which the opposition leader shows at least one armed force opening the driver’s side door and one of them is heard shouting: “Get out.”

The Venezuelan politician says that several explosions were heard in the basement of the building, but he could not determine the type of device. Several neighbors also said they heard the explosions.

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The CNN team was able to verify area residents’ protest against the presence of the alleged police agents and in Guaidó’s defense. In the end they left.

Freddy Guevara arrested

Shortly before that, Juan Guaido’s press team reported that the car in which Freddy Guevara was traveling, near Guaido, was intercepted by forces they described as heavily armed.

The Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (SEPEN) arrested Guevara on Monday on charges of “crimes of terrorism, attacking the constitutional order, conspiracy to commit a crime and treason,” according to a statement from the Venezuelan Public Ministry.

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Without referring to the existing evidence, the attorney general’s office said Guevara was linked to “extremist and paramilitary groups linked to the Colombian government.”

Capture the video that Venezuelan opponent Freddy Guevara broadcast live on his social networking sites.

Earlier, Guevara broadcast live on his social networks from a car where he indicated that they are about to stop him.

And the opponent said: “To the international community, make it very clear, well, if we don’t understand that with this kind of system it is necessary to work very hard, and this kind of thing will continue to happen.” He added that he hoped it would be short.

The United States, Colombia, and organizations such as Human Rights Watch responded to the arrest.

Indictments against Guaido and Guevara

The Vice President of Venezuela, Delcy Rodriguez, accused the two leaders on Saturday of being linked to his violent acts Criminal gangs in the southwest of the capitalWho has been the target of a security operation since Thursday.

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Juan Guaido responded to these accusations Through your Twitter accountIn it, he asserted that “what the regime intends to do with the 905 quota case is a recurring narrative, another presentation in which they will blame the democratic alternative.” “They lie, watch and confuse to cover up the reality,” he added.

On the other hand, the opposition sees that there is some kind of complicity of these armed gangs with the Maduro government.