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Greg Abbott created a new tax in Texas; Electric Vehicle Owners Will Pay $400 A Year – El Financiero

Laredo, Texas. – As of September 1, prof Owners of new electric cars in Texas You will have to pay extra tax $400 when you register your car, plus fees and other costs.

Payment of this tax is due for Governor of TexasGreg Abbott Formalizing the law Which also states that owners of electric cars You must pay $200 for the registration fee for each annual renewal.

Owners of petrol cars and hybrid cars You will not pay this fee, as will the drivers They pay a gas tax of 20 cents per gallon

According to the Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities Alliance figures, Texas has approximately 200,000 electric car So far this year, more than 30,000 additional units have been in circulation.

Petrol and electric car tax revenues It is directed to the State Highway Fundalthough a portion of the taxes collected from said fuel is also used for schools.

For example: If the law is really in place, so far, with only 30,000 units registered this year, the state can collect $12 million. According to the predictions, the The new tax would draw at least $38 million a year.

According to estimates from the Texas Comptroller’s Office, Petrol and diesel taxes It will generate about 3 thousand 800 million in income for the entity in 2024.

“This is very important to get people to pay their fair share and have enough funding to maintain and maintain our highways into the future,” Rep. Terry Canales, D-Edinburgh, said during a debate on the bill in April.

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The owner of a gasoline-powered vehicle pays an average of $130 in taxes annually for fuel, based on annual mileage and fuel economy statistics from the Federal Highway Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Greg He made Abbott a tax officialBy ratifying the legislative proposal, but no announcement was made in this regard, so the decision began to raise controversy, because in other states they seek to encourage the purchase of electric cars with tax incentives to improve the environment, in the state of Texas electric car owners will pay more.