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Great Blue Dot: Emelec tied against BSC and is close to winning the stage

Guayaquil, Saturday 10 July 2021 at Barcelona’s Banco Pichincha Stadium, faces Emelec in the 11th date of the Liga Pro Betcris football tournament. Photos: Cesar Muñoz / API

Club Sport Emelec were just one point away from winning the first stage of the LigaPro Betcris by equalizing a goal against Barcelona SC in a new edition of Clásico Banco Guayaquil, which matches the date postponed duel 11.

The Blues took advantage of the penalty kick as Williams Rivers knocked out Ijandro Cabeza inside the area. Sebastian Rodriguez made a cool lead in the 21st minute of the match.

VAR has been a champion since it was discontinued for a while in the game, but the action that changed the meeting was undoubtedly the controversial expulsion of Alexis Zapata from Emelec but at first glance it wasn’t intentional.

Bustos made several changes such as Adonis Preciado and Gonzalo Mastriani entered, they were combined and created the yellow equalizer with Carlos Garces goal at 60.

With this result, Emelec has everything in its favor to be the winner of the first stage by adding 31 points while Barcelona stayed behind by three points.

Emelec will have to visit Manta to face Manta FC while Barcelona will play Macará at home.


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