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Gobierno sube a RD$10,000 pensiones civiles y policiales

Government raises NT$10,000 for civil and police pensions

The President of the Republic, Luis Abenader, on Monday ordered an increase in all active civil pensions below the aforementioned amount to $10,000, a measure that will take effect this month and will also benefit those receiving a survival pension. .

This initiative will have an economic impact for 2022 of approximately NT$2,380,000 During a press conference held in the Las Cariátides Room of the National Palace, the president explained that there are more than 92,627 civilian retirees across the country.

Abinader added that this measure was already applied last December to police pensions paid from the national budget, which benefit more than 6,537 police retirees and will invest 150 million pesos.

Between the two groups, the implementation of the pension adjustment process has a total impact of more than 2,580,000 pesos on the national budget.

The head of state also announced that the number of beneficiaries of the takaful pension support system will be increased with an investment of 762 million pesos, “an increase of 27% over 2021”.

The event was also attended by the Executive Authority Adviser, Antoliano Peralta. Minister of Labor, Luis Miguel de Camps; President of the National Council of Trade Union Confederation Rafael “Pepe” Abreu; Director General of Budget, José Rijo Presbot, among others.

Abenader took advantage of his first activity of the year to wish the Dominican community that this year will bring opportunity, work and progress.

Former sugar cane workers

The president also reported that he is providing a pension of NT$10,000 to 484 former sugarcane workers.


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During the year 2021 AD, the state granted 12,000 solidarity pensions to the elderly, the disabled and single mothers, to be added to the 3,049 pensions in December 2020.