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Goku and Bills star in a brutal fight in the UFC version and cause a stir

Goku and Bills star in a brutal fight in the UFC version and cause a stir

dragon ball is one of the most popular Japanese series, which has graced the television and film agenda for several years. Despite always being in the spotlight of the analysis and with the inherent potential for comment due to her aggressiveness, she manages to stay up to date. Without going any further, the last few hours have been brutal admire art Who can imagine a wonderful universe in it Goku And Invoices They became fighters UFC.

The most famous mixed martial arts company on the planet was founded in November 1993, in the midst of the anime rage. Is that at the beginning of the nineties, in different countries Europe The manga began to be published and the series was broadcast with immediate success leading to a veritable fever of consumption of Asian comics. This trend soon moved to America.

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This impressive illustration that has become so relevant to these watches has been offered by @legacy. of. dragonball. Intolerance was reflected in the series V.I UFC Magic version is cooperated so lovers Dragon ball Z Improvising effects with gladiators MMA. This time Goku appears in his typical red suit, but in a style more closely related to what fighters usually wear today. The same goes for Pyrrhus, who respects his clothes God of destructionbut more towards what fighters usually use nowadays.

Goku, in UFC mode

Dragon Ball Legacy

This combat represents the nostalgia that animated material was left in a generation that grew up observing warrior history saiyan. Although the followers could not notice VegetaAnd JohannAnd trunks also Ten Xin Han Above the octagon, technology contributes to making the dream more vivid. Fantasy fighters became real for a few seconds and simulated an unprecedented battle.

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UFC fighters Dragon Ball Z fans


Conor McGregor

The famous Irish fighter, known for his charisma and skills in the octagon, has stated that he is a Dragon Ball fan on several occasions. He even shared photos on social networks wearing clothes and accessories related to the series.


Max Holloway

The former UFC featherweight champion has also publicly shown his love for Dragon Ball. Without going any further, he used Goku-inspired outfits during his training and weight, and even made Dragon Ball poses in his fights.


Israel adesanya

The UFC Middleweight Champion is another Dragon Ball fan. Adesanya has admitted in interviews that he grew up watching the series and used gestures and moves inspired by the characters during his fights.

The beginning of Dragon Ball Z

After the success of a comedy called Dr. Slump, cartoonist Akira Toriyama decided to turn to adventure. Inspired by the legend of the Monkey King, he invented an action comedy in which a boy must find seven Dragon Balls to make a wish come true. Published in 1984, the first episodes of Dragon Ball weren’t very successful, but when the editor in charge of the work, Kazuhiko Torishima, suggested to Toriyama that he give the battles a bigger role, public interest began to increase dramatically.

The author chose a combat structure, and thus the Dragon Ball we all know began to take shape. Over time, Goku has become the most powerful man (or Saiyan) on the planet, has sons, a granddaughter, and an array of allies and villains with undeniable charisma. Finally exhausted from the grueling pace of publishing a new manga chapter each week, Toriyama finished work in 1995.

At the time, the epic in Japan was an unprecedented boom, with dozens of films, audio recordings, and thousands of commercial items. It took a very short time for this phenomenon to spread to the rest of the world, but then it spread to Latin America and Europe.