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Gisele Blondy has already removed her boobs and put his picture with them

Gisele Blondette stands with breast implants removed.

Photo: Gisele Blondette / Courtesy

As she herself said, Gisele Blondette Her breasts have already been removed. And they even posed with them To cry “This does not weigh”.

We informed you a few days ago That the beautiful Puerto Rican broadcaster and businesswoman has made the decision to have her breast implants: The ones he wore to look better, he intended to remove them for health reasons.

“I have Some texture, which is closely related to what is known as transplant disease… I suffer from headaches, tiredness and constant fatigue, I have already seen many cases where it is a disease like mine, It is rheumatoid arthritis associated with breast implant diseaseBlondé explained at the time.

Well, that day has come Gisele underwent surgery with her daughter, Gabe, who underwent the same procedure a month agoAnd, as promised, he shared step by step on his social networks.

Since arriving at the consultationExamination and last explanation before entering the operating room even after anesthesia, From home, in bed rest and with the removed implants in a bag next to her.

In addition to removing the implants, Surgeon Dev Vibarkar stretched out her breasts to make them look beautifulWhich she was always looking for, Gisele says, when she decided to have plastic surgery, but at the time, she was told the only way was to get implants.

If I said something illogical, forgive me, but I’m still sleepy… I’m happy, I’m at home … I’m happy and grateful, I don’t remember anything, the only thing I want is more pajamas like these… am I talking about this crap?

Accompanied by her friends, her daughter Gabe, as we told you, and her other daughter Andrea via FaceTime, Gisele promised she’ll give more details when she recovers.

See here before and after Gisele Blondy’s surgery:

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