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Gilberto Santa Rosa surprises you with a massive 60’s-style party

Celebrating the artist’s 60th birthday Gilberto Santa Rosa He did not stay in New York. On Tuesday night, Salsero surprised with a grand party at the Luis Muñoz Marin Foundation in Trujillo Alto, organized by his presenter wife. Alexandra Malagoon.

With an atmosphere inspired by the glamor of the 60s, this time the celebration was more intimate, albeit not with a few people. Alexandra Malagón was responsible for inviting her husband’s relatives, friends and loved ones, who had some knowledge of the surprise that was waiting for him from 7:00 pm and which would last until after midnight.

“I have had an amazing 60 years, I have always said that my personal and professional life has been like a roller coaster and it has allowed me to live so many emotions and be surrounded by the beautiful people I have been able to cross along the way”crossed Salcero when he reached the foyer of the establishment. “I’ve seen those sixty years away, but they have arrived!”Cry gratefully.

Among the friends who attended were singers Marco Antonio Solis, Jose Alberto “El Canario”, Edita Nazario, Victor Manuel, Wesson Torres, from Los Hispanos, Oscaretto, Chucho Avilanette, Gerardo Rivas, producer and artist Luisito Vigoro, and his manager Ravo. Muñiz, comedian Otilio Warrington “Bizcocho” as if that weren’t enough, one of his fathers in music, Rafael Ether and El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico.

“Thanks to this group, I decided to do this that gave me life and allowed me to meet all of you, my loved ones in my country, loved ones out here, and they have a wonderful family and an extended family.”“El Caballero de la Salsa” thanked Ithier for the embrace, who took the opportunity to start celebrating his 96th birthday, which he will officially celebrate next Monday.

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Singer Marco Antonio Solis shared that he met Salcero through his colleague Tito Neves, and from that first moment he communicated with him because of his human quality.

“When he had already given it to me on another plane, on my birthday, I saw there the one behind the artist and there I knew he would be a friend forever,” said Al-Baqi, while appreciating your uprightness and safety. A friend’s sense of humor.

Being Gilbertto’s favorite orchestra, Los Mulatos del Sabor was expected to accompany him again at such a special moment, just as when he turned 50.

One of the most memorable moments at the party was Chocho Avellanet’s salsa debut singing the classic “Caballo Pelotero” with El Combo. Although he warned singer Jerry Rivas to save him if he missed the lyrics, his flawless voice overcame any forgetfulness. He was so excited that he even dared to shout a little.

The relationship between Chucho Avellanet and Gilbertito dates back to the second Banco Popular-produced special, he recalls.

“Gilberto is the most caring person I’ve ever met, he’s the sweetest and noblest, he always wants to help you, he never forgets,” said the singer, who is also his best man.

As expected, the birthday boy joined El Gran Combo to do what he does best, singing his clef, in a trapeze, with the grace and elegance that has characterized him throughout his four decades of music career. And so Sonero was delighting his loved ones with one of his favorite songs, “Y no puede más na”.

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Some of the details that made the party full of special details were the choice of pictures shown on the big screen from different moments in the singer’s life; Another show of what were his favorite TV shows and the presence of Salcero’s childhood friend, Mario Ortiz.

This was the artist’s second celebration in six decades of his life. He enjoyed his first hit last Sunday, when he sang in front of the crowded Bacon Theater on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York.

Pictured is Wilson Torres of Los Hispanos, Luisito Figoro and Gilberto Santa Rosa. (David Villavan / Staff)
Family and friends waited for him at the Luis Muñoz Marin Foundation, in Trujillo Alto, to continue celebrating his 60th birthday.