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EE.UU y Canadá piden a sus ciudadanos abandonar Haití

Get everyone out! – The United States and Canada are urging their citizens to leave Haiti

The U.S. government has urged its citizens to leave Haiti due to the deep insecurity prevailing in the Caribbean and severe fuel shortages affecting hospitals, schools and banks. Gas stations in Haiti were closed Thursday.

The U.S. State Department issued the extraordinary warning as the Haitian government and police struggled to control criminal gangs that have been blocking gas depots for weeks.

“Widespread fuel shortages could restrict essential services in emergencies, including access to banks, money transfers, emergency medical care, the Internet and telecommunications and public and private transportation options,” the State Department warned Wednesday.

Called Canadians
Meanwhile, Canada has called on all of its citizens to evacuate due to the effects of the fuel crisis in Haiti.

The Canadian government has warned its citizens via its Twitter account to think about leaving the country safely if their presence in the Caribbean is not necessary.

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