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Gerard Pique suffers an unpleasant incident after the premiere of Shakira's "Monotonia"

Gerard Pique suffers an unpleasant incident after the premiere of Shakira’s “Monotonia”

After the release of “Monotonia”, all eyes are on who is supposed to be the protagonist in a video Shakira.

he is called, Gerrard Pique. Great premiere of the clip with ozone It has revolutionized networks, music platforms, and many of the artist’s followers, who point to the player as supposedly responsible for that hole in Shack’s chest.

Just a day after the release of the video, which has already exceeded 25 million views on YouTube, the athlete witnessed something not entirely pleasant.

Gerrard Pique. (Photo by Pedro Salado/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)

24 hours after “Monotonia” saw the light, Pique faced Villarreal on the football field. And, as expected, the whistles when he stepped on the grass were the first he heard.

Despite the scorn and shouting, the former Shakira maintained the genre. Although he didn’t say anything, his comrades did. especially, Xavi Hernandez.

said Hernandez, a former player and now team member and athletic coach. “And I’m saying this publicly because he deserves it too. He’s an example of a captain, and people should know that,” he added.

For a long time, Barcelona fans were not very happy with the performance Effects in the field and so they informed him. Whistles are no longer a thing now, they’ve been happening for a long time when he goes out onto the field, however, what happened with Shakira personally doesn’t seem to have helped him lower his guard either.

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