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Gerard Picot explodes and publishes a statement announcing legal action

Gerard Picot explodes and publishes a statement announcing legal action

JErard Biko said enough That is why he chose to send statement to the media, Through his lawyer, where he asks to respect the status of his family. He is tired of both local and international publications, and has denounced the paparazzi’s harassment of him and his children, warning that legal action would be taken were it not for this activity.

It all started last June 4, When Biko and Shakira announced their separation. Since then, news and rumors have not stopped appearing. From babysitting to the new life of a soccer player with Clara Cha.


Since the 4th of June last Shakira and Gerard Pique She confirmed their separation through a joint statement, and many rumors and alleged unverified information were spread About the player, his family, his personal and therefore private life.

These reports and photos are causing not only damage to his honor and image, but also a serious assault on the rights of his children, whose safety and protection is his greatest concern. At the same time, the monitoring of some media and photographers was continuous, as our client was forced to change his daily routine. For the sole purpose of protecting their children, their families and their closest environment.

Gerrard Pique Always respect the activity of the media and their right to information, fully aware of the essential role they play in our society. however, In recent weeks, there have been interventions that go beyond the limits of legalityso our customer had to order Precautionary measures to remove and take legal action Against those who change their family life and violate the rights of their children, given that the only goal is Gerrard Pique It is to ensure their well-being and restore their rights to privacy, security and tranquility.

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Our client wants to thank through this statement the respect and educative rigor shown by some media outlets and the confidence that everything will be resolved in the best possible way, always applying common sense.”