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Gasoline is low?  Arturo Vidal's daughter recharges her

Gasoline is low? Arturo Vidal’s daughter recharges her

Arturo Vidal’s daughter intriguingly artistically stopped to refuel… At TORK, we’ll tell you.

Daniela Isaac She is a stepdaughter Arturo VidalBecause of his mother’s engagement, Sonia Isaac Carries with Chilean steering wheel. Coming from Colombia, Daniela has an Instagram which is getting more followers. Following in the footsteps of her mother, the beautiful young woman is usually very active on the networks.

Through it, we were able to see different The chariots of “King” Arthurwith pictures that raise the beats your followers. These cars are luxury champions in plans like going to see his stepfather’s game or going out to dinner. Daniela has shown us that she is not afraid to drive footballer cars.

For example, on one of those night outings and as we’ve already explained to you turkthe Colombian was filmed with Ferrari 488 Spider by Vidal. Something that caused a lot of uproar among his followers, some of them cheered the little Instagram and others even criticized the athlete of the Chilean team … hinting that it was crazy to entrust such a car to a very small person.

Daniela Isaza with Ferrari Vidal

But in this case, Daniela was in the news for another case involving the “king” cars. It turned out that the young blogger shared a photo with the following address:Does anyone need a car tank? �� ” Which comments didn’t take long for it to rain. Some fans replied: yes! I! also for me please! And others, as in the previous picture, criticize it.

Vidal’s daughter loads fuel

In short, if there is one thing in doubt, it is that Daniela’s pulse is not trembling because of what they will say about her followers or her stepfather’s followers. It maintains a steady pace that makes noise with the luxury family cars. On this occasion and after a little investigation, we believe it is Volvo truck Arthur’s Daily

Around Volvo XC90 From Chile and perhaps the most unnoticed model among the rest of the cars in which he mortgaged almost a million euros. In this case, he chose it in glossy black and it is estimated that he could have paid almost a little 50 thousand euros for a car.

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