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Gary Lineker is leaving the BBC program due to controversial comments

Former English footballer and now BBC star presenter, Gary LinekerAnd He will be temporarily leaving his position with the programme “match of the day” as a result of differences statements against the government Radio and television reported on Friday.

Lineker62, came under fire for comparing her tweet to the language used by the conservative executive Rishi Sunak When introducing the controversial bill v irregular immigration With the speech of Nazi Germany.

“the BBC Had extensive discussions with Gary and his team in the last days. We said we consider your recent social media activity to be Violation of our guidelinesOf neutrality, confirmed the entity’s spokesperson.

“the BBC She decided she would stop applying Game of the day Until we have a clear and agreed position on their use of social networks.”

The controversy was sparked by his response on Twitter where he did so 9 million followersOn a videotape featuring the ultra-conservative interior minister Suela BravermanTuesday, revealed plans Detention and expulsion of those arriving in the country irregularlyPreventing them from applying for asylum and preventing them for life from obtaining British citizenship.

“No big flow. We accept far fewer refugees than other European countries Ahem,” Lineker wrote. this It’s just incomparably cruel politics Addressed to the most vulnerable people in language not unlike that used by Germany in the 1930s.

On Thursday he said so I assumed his words and that he really wanted to do the show Next Tuesday is what he’s done since 1999, five years after he retired from the fields.

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