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Galilea Montijo naturally raises the temperature risky

Venerable Montague Verify it is still one of the The most beautiful celebrities From the middle of the show, because he shared this Thursday on social networks a An image of his youth he poses naturally. with this Risky and bold imagethe Today’s driver raised the temperature on digital platforms Because it caused hundreds of reactions from her fans and friends who left her some messages acknowledging that she is still very beautiful.

The presenter and actress joined this trend Throwback Thursdayor “Thursday Again” to share an anniversary photo in which he was introduced his transformation. It is also characterized by the dynamism that has become popular on social networks, Galilee posted on his account instagramwhere he has 10 million fans, which is the picture that It looks so small, pWell, although he didn’t specify how long it had been since he picked up the postcard, it could be seen that it dated back to a few years ago.

Galilea Montijo shares a risky photo of her youth

The successful host of the Televisa morning show just shared the photo using the hashtag #tbt and Tag artist lens Uriel Santana. Without any further description, the actress posted Black and white photo Where it is possible to see that she is topless, since she was at the top He is not wearing any clothesmaking it a snapshot very dangerous It defies censorship on the Meta platform which has many restrictions for uploading similar content.

Galilea Montejo shares a risky photo of her youth Photo: screenshot

In the picture shown belovedas she is also affectionately called by her fans and friends, posing on some rocks Cover the top of his trunk. Similarly, supermodels only use one bracelet and necklace Coarse as accessories. However, the real hero of the postcard is her look, thanks to her dark smoky eye makeup, which captivates her fans who can’t help but leave her flattering comments.

“Always beautiful”, “I love you so much”, “on fire”, “those pictures”, “wonderful and amazing” and “precious”, are some of the messages that can be read among the hundreds of comments left by fans and friends, because the characters love Andrea Legarreta, Andy Escalona, ​​and Yanet Garcia, Those who were with her on Hoy put up some emojis expressing how much they like this photo that’s about to hit 12,000 ‘likes’.

Venerable Montague The audience regards him as one of the presenters The most beautiful thing in the artistic milieuas well as the best clothes, because every morning Flaunt the best lookswhich highlights her personality, and although she wears any type of clothing, They are tight and short dresses What her fans like the most, because when she shows this kind of cut, she always receives hundreds of positive reactions, which is why she is one of the favorites on TV and social networks.

Originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, the artist began her career in the 1990s by participating in TVO, a program hosted by Gabe Ruffo and Lisa Echeverria, however, the broadcast TV life With Hector Sandarte and Lily Brillante, which gave her great fame and made her one of the favorites, and after years she joined the Televisa morning program, in which she participated since 2008 until now.

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