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Gabriela Russo was re-elected President of the Professional Council of Economic Sciences

Gabriela Russo was re-elected President of the Professional Council of Economic Sciences

Gabriela Russo was re-elected President of the Professional Council of Economic Sciences

Finally, the results of the last elections in the Professional Council of Economic Sciences were known and the candidate of the Bordeaux-Naranga front was officially declared the winner. in this wayGabriella Russo She was re-elected as president and will serve for a new term.

It happens that new authorities were elected in the Professional Council of Economic Sciences of the City of Buenos Aires, for the period 2022-2025 and it was the Bordeaux Naranga Front that prevailed in the elections with its presidential candidate Gabriela Rosso.

The elections were held last Wednesday, June 8, and 20,603 registered professionals cast their votes. The Bordeaux-Naranga front received 62.8% (12934) of the total votes. For its part, the Blue List got 27.9% (5,752), and the Professional Units List 8.5% (1,758).

After learning of the win, Russo expressed his gratitude to the more than 20,000 registered colleagues who “came, on a perfect day because we are going through a pandemic. We are committed to continuing to build, because the profession needs us, in a very difficult context that we are going through as a country.”

At the end of his speech, he said: “We have to unite and work for our colleagues, and this is what we have been doing for 3 years and we will continue to do in the coming period.”

Gabriella Russo, Martin Kerner and Alejandro Gonzalez Escudero
Gabriella Russo, Martin Kerner and Alejandro Gonzalez Escudero

On the one hand, in the elections, there was the incumbent president, Gabriella Russo, supported by the Orange List, which integrates different sectors, including the extremism of Buenos Aires. An accountant, UBA graduate in management and a teacher, Russo was the first woman to hold the Buenos Aires Council title in 76 years of history. With a graduate degree in Public Administration and Government Development, she also serves as Under Secretary for Graduate School of Economics at UBA and is the owner of Gabriela Russo y Asociados. On the front where there are independent and oriented Aldo Benanellithe deceased former president of BCRA, appears as surrogates Joseph Louis JustyMinister of Development and Production of Buenos Aires and Deputy Emiliano Yacobetti, Both allies of the senator Martin Lustow.

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Rousseau faced two opponents: on the one hand he was Martin KernerGraduated Accountant with Honors from UBA, Independent Professional, and Member of the Accounting and Auditing Standards Development Board at Facpce since 2011 and over 20 years as a graduate and postgraduate teacher at several universities (UBA, UADE, UCA, Austral, Salta, Rosario, Cordoba and others ). Kerner tops the Blue List, which the board has run for several years, integrating the political and professional sectors. His list included the economic Faust Spotorno s Andrew Edelsteinformer Secretary of the General Revenue of the State of Cambiemos.

On the other hand it was Alexandre Gonzalez Escudero: Certificate in Management and Public Accountant (UBA); Partner Alejandro González y Asociados, Consultants and Professor of Management, Costs and Quality Topics at UBA and Tax Planning on the Postgraduate Course at Lomas de Zamora University. In addition, he is Treasurer and President of the Association of Hispanic-Argentine Professionals and President of the Foundation for Economy and Society; He served as Vice President of the Professional Council for Economic Sciences from 2004 to 2007. He heads the list of professional units that integrate various sectors.

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