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Gabe Spanik and her unusual plan to quit acting in the near future

Gabe Spanik and her unusual plan to quit acting in the near future

Gabe Spanik during a photo session. (Photo by Adrián Monroy / Media and Media / Getty Images)

Gaby Spanic surprised the art world by revealing her future intentions to leave the small screen. For almost thirty years, the Venezuelan actress has established herself as a full-fledged reference in the productions of the San Angel TV station. However, it is high time that the actress welcomes herself to step down and take on new challenges in her personal and professional life.

In an interview with Hoy from Canal de las Estrellas, Spanic announced that he is seriously considering ending his participation in the series. “Yes, I want to stop that. There comes a time when you feel like you’ve already done what you should have dones. I want to make a movie, but while it’s apples and pears, I think: is it worth it? He said in his interview with The Morning Show.

At 48 years old and having 24 telenovelas in his history, Spanic was at the peak of his career. Perhaps your participation in warrior heart, where she gave life to Elisa, she may have been last seen because of what she hinted at. “Maybe I sell as little or as much as I have. I want to go with my son, open a restaurant, the years go by and sometimes we lose things from our children, because we are here for up to 16 hours.”

Additionally, the actress said that there are many times her career doesn’t make her feel 100% satisfied and that those moments made her doubt her continuity in a world she admitted gave her so much. After all, there is no doubt that she was also central to the eternal flourishing of the dramatic genre on Latin American television. His trajectory makes it crystal clear.

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After winning the title of Miss Venezuela in 1992, Gabe began her acting career in the telenovela light brunette And just two years later, he got his first leading role in I do not love youbut without a doubt the moment that marked his career forever came in 1998, because that was when he arrived in Mexico to participate in his first production for TV.

The Spanic debut on Aztec land was with La Usurpadora and the result was simply devastating. The telenovela not only enjoyed a resounding success in Mexico, but was also a resounding international success that gave Spanic world fame in his first Mexican only project. From that moment on, his presence was more and more constant and he often had to take on an antagonistic role. In 2002 he signed a contract with Univisión in the United States to finish his first stage with Televisa.

Spanic during a press conference.  (Adrian Monroy/Media/Getty Images)

Spanic during a press conference. (Adrian Monroy/Media/Getty Images)

But the holiday is brilliantly broken, because in 2010 he returned to give life to Ivana Durantes I am your master. As expected, her performance was highly praised by viewers who found in her the needed counterpart to Lucero’s starring storyline. And that is that in that area, in the feud, Gaby Spanic performed exceptionally, because their characters manage to communicate the ostracism that the audience must necessarily feel. Without the bad guys, every story lacks interest.

When he makes a final decision, it is clear that his legacy has been fully ingrained in the memory of viewers who have enjoyed his performance for three decades. It is not clear what his next step will be, although he has also made it clear that he wants to enter the business world: “One of my dreams is to create a gastronomic restaurant, where there is no menu, to create a hotel shop and live upstairs.” The truth is that no matter what happens, Gaby Spanic is already a living legend in acting.

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