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From the sand, Genesis Rodriguez, the daughter of "Puma" Rodriguez, crippled the network in a swimsuit

From the sand, Genesis Rodriguez, the daughter of “Puma” Rodriguez, crippled the network in a swimsuit

Genesis Rodriguez She is an American actress, but of Latin descent, who is also famous for being the youngest daughter of a singer Jose Luis “Albuma” Rodriguez. At the age of 34, he managed to make a wide career and continued to participate in important projects. Through Instagram, she is responsible for explaining why she is one of the most beautiful women in the world and showing her figure out of the sand.

29th July last Genesis Rodriguez She is 34 years old and started her career from a young age as an actress who participated in many series such as Doña Bárbara, Prisionera or Dame chocolate. As a teenager, she studied acting, dance and vocal preparation, both locally and nationally to continue her preparation in Miami. He had an unforgettable participation in the police series “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and most recently, he starred in the third season of “Umbrella Academy”.

Genesis Rodriguez is 34 years old. Instagram source @genirodriguez

Genesis Rodriguez She is the singer’s daughter Puma Rodriguez and former Cuban model Carolina Perez. In addition, she has two half-sisters, but they are not related and on more than one occasion Lilibeth and Liliana have spoken ill of her and her mother. The actress revealed in an interview how proud she was to be the 79-year-old daughter of the Venezuelan singer.

Beyond her talent as an actress, Genesis Rodriguez She has nearly a million followers on Instagram and is responsible for showing through her posts that she is one of the most beautiful women ever. The daughter of Puma wowed everyone from the sand and showed off her character, as she was seen wearing a yellow swimsuit.

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Genesis Rodriguez fell in love with everyone. Instagram source @genirodriguez

On the other hand, for more than a year, Genesis Rodriguez She is in a relationship with actor Brian Geragthy, whom she met on the set of The Fugitive. However, the couple is very conservative about their intimate relationship which is why not much was known about the personal life of Puma Rodríguez’s daughter, until she decided to show it on her Instagram stories.