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From the gym, Puma Rodriguez's granddaughter shows off her perfect silhouette

From the gym, Puma Rodriguez’s granddaughter shows off her perfect silhouette

Galilea Lopez Murillo She is the only granddaughter of the Venezuelan singer Jose Luis “Albuma” Rodriguez And unlike her relatives who devoted themselves to acting or music, she decided to take another path. She is not only a businesswoman but also a huge influencer and through her social networks she is responsible for showing off her slender figure. On this occasion, he turned up the temperature from the gym.

The daughter of Liliana Rodriguez Murillo is 26 years old and unlike her mother or grandmother, Galilee He decided to set up his real estate company in Miami, where it became very successful and that’s why he has been living in Miami for some time now. The young woman prefers to stay away from the cameras and from the scandals that may be exposed to her relatives.

Galilea Lopez Murillo, Puma’s granddaughter. Source Instagram @galilealopezmorillo_

The relationship between Puma Rodriguez and her granddaughter, Galilea Lopez Murillo, practically nothing, as the young woman admitted that she tried to contact her grandfather, but did not even have the opportunity to meet him. However, he does not hesitate for a moment when he has to defend the Venezuelan singer from criticism and attacks.

on his Instagram account, Galilea Lopez Murillo She has more than 90 followers and is responsible for showing off her amazing personality. In a video posted on her official account, the granddaughter of Puma Rodriguez showed how her strict gym routine is, and she also did not miss the opportunity to show off her curves. In the photos you can see the amazing transformation of his body.

A few days ago, the news was confirmed that the girls Puma Rodriguez, Liliana and Lilibeth are going to release a new song and they will sing it together. That turned years was the second daughter of the Venezuelan and they just released “Malo,” which looks like it’s going to be destined for his dad. Among the messages sent by one of the girls, it emerged: “For you and every family in conflict,” the suffering of distances, separation, abandonment and forgetfulness. We hope this topic touches your heart.”

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