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From the beach, Sofia Vergara paralyzes the net, defying Instagram restrictions

From the beach, Sofia Vergara paralyzes the net, defying Instagram restrictions

Sofia Vergara She is an actress, model, and television host who has the distinction of being one of the Latinas who has managed to break into Hollywood and earn various nominations throughout her career. The 50-year-old Colombian is considered one of the most beautiful women ever and she is responsible for proving it often on her Instagram account. Instagram With a story that challenged the limits of this social network because it was on the verge of censorship.

The actress started appearing at the end of the 1990s as a co-host of two TV shows on the Univisión network and since then Sofia Vergara She began to stand out in sitcoms in the United States and in 2009 she was called up to be one of the heroes of the series Modern Family. In addition, from 2013 to 2020 she was one of the highest-paid actresses in the world, according to Forbes magazine, and for several years was a member of the jury of America’s Got Talent.

Sofia Vergara, Colombian actress and model. Instagram source @sofiavergara

Since 2015 Sofia Vergara She maintains a relationship with American actor Joe Manganiello and for a few months the Colombian actress has been displaced by a new member in her house which is a Chihuahua and this is her husband more than her husband and this is not a very lovable friend.

Sofia Vergara does not get along with her husband’s dogs. Instagram source @sofiavergara

in your account InstagramAnd the Sofia Vergara She has nearly 27 million followers and is responsible for explaining why she is one of the most beautiful Latin women in the world. At the age of 50, the Colombian asserted that age is not an obstacle to flaunting her body and through a story, she defied the limits of restrictions with a memory where she was seen with very little clothes.

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secondly, Vergara He shows his amazing figure and to keep fit at the age of 50 he performs a strict exercise routine to exercise his buttocks which consists of using elastic bands. On the other hand, the Colombian model is very proficient in languages ​​and is known to have in addition to Spanish, handles English with ease.

Sofia Vergara is one of the most beautiful women ever. Instagram source @sofiavergara