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Friendly fire against Joe Biden |  International

Friendly fire against Joe Biden | International

A group of people in Kayak protested this week in front of the boat where Senator Joe Munch lived while he was in Washington and voted for him by a large margin. Social spending plan The Democrats are trying to implement a democratic program Joe Biden Administration. A few days ago, Senator Kirsten was reprimanded by a group of protesters while flying to the cinema capital. However, neither Manzino nor Cinema are the spears of Republican opposition, but the two moderate Democrats who were forced to The president must reform his own reforms, Now faces pressure from some and disappointment from others, while his reputation is plummeting.

The Great Democratic Project, as it is called Build better (Better rebuild) and Lyndon B. in the 1960s. That means the largest expansion of social coverage in the United States since Johnson so far, a collection of depth measurements in the fight against climate change and the promotion of renewable energy. Biden has been studying how to reshape this last ecological leg after Mansin’s pre – rejection, with its state of Conservative West Virginia being the main source of employment in the coal mines. The proposed project is estimated to have a total budget of $ 3.5 billion [unos tres billones de euros], But it is likely to be reduced to less than 2.5.

Because Lyndon b. Unlike Johnson, Joe Biden has the right seats in Congress. The president, who signed the Medical Act (Retired Health Care) in 1965, had a democratic majority with two-thirds of the Senate seats in Congress, and even then he needed work to appease his moderate sector. Half a century later, in 2011, when Barack Obama pushed for his health care reform, he enjoyed a very comfortable position in both legislative houses (with 57 Democrats and two independents in the Senate).

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Joe Munch warns against the risks of inflation in the United States, the rise in public debt, and the fear that something very brief and profound will “shift the mood of the concessions that American society has purchased.” Capitol. In the previous rostrum, in The Wall Street Journal, Entitled Why don’t I support spending another $ 3.5 billion? He concluded his argument by pointing out: “It would not do good politics to establish an artificial spending figure of 3.5 trillion and then publicly fund social policies.”

Kirsten Cinema, the first Democrat to win a Senate seat from the state of Arizona in 30 years, has shown the business infrastructure to work with Republicans “both sides” since coming to the Senate after the 2020 election – and submitted by Biden’s administration and pending approval. “We don’t want to see the American people sitting on our hands and waiting to get everything we want. An all or nothing approach usually gets you nothing,” he said in an interview on public radio this summer.

Both politicians broke the record of donations in the third quarter of the year, thanks to key contributions from the energy, pharmaceutical and financial sectors, according to registered data Financial times. Mancin earned $ 1.6 million, $ 1.5 million in the second quarter and $ 175,000 in the first. Cinema, for its part, took in $ 1.5 million in the second and light years from $ 175,000 in the first quarter. All of this, despite the fact that they do not want to re-elect their seats until 2024.

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The party’s progressive side, for its part, is running out of patience and putting pressure on the White House. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont complained that two senators could not be allowed to remove what 48 senators and 210 House members wanted. “Every vote I see reflects overwhelming support for this bill.” Similarly, Pramila Jayapal, Chairman Caucasus A Democrat in Congress, he noted: “4% of Democrats oppose the president’s agenda.”

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Senior Nancy Pelosi, put on warm clothes and began to prepare legislators to vote for the 100% non-compliant economic plans proposed. “I’m very disappointed,” he admitted this week because we did not go with the original $ 3.5 trillion plan, but whatever we do, we will make changeable decisions. “

The extent to which the economy is in general, the extent of state intervention, is a fundamental debate. Biden began his presidency with the message that the monument crisis needed a strong and comprehensive government. But there are more plans. While the Conservative states have, in practice, blocked access for the underprivileged and minorities, the Biden administration has succeeded in enforcing the new voting rights law. The reason is that a majority in the upper house is not enough, but it gets 60 votes out of 100 – the Democrats have 50 seats, and so does Vice President Kamala Harris.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s popularity has plummeted. He entered the White House on January 20, 57% of the approval rating, a benchmark polling company in the United States, but in August, after the first seven months in power, he had already fallen 50% and by mid-September, the latest data was 43%. The Democrats have better scores than Donald Trump after the same presidency (37%), although he is nine points behind Barack Obama (53%) who suffered mainly from the support of independent voters who wanted to leave the wrath of their Republican predecessor: 61% of them when he took office. If he was dressed, now only 37% do.

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Economic skepticism, the return of the epidemic over the summer, and stalled reforms are all reasons for disappointment. Also immigration policy, which maintained some of the control elements of the Trump era and the catastrophe caused by their withdrawal from Afghanistan. One year after his election victory, after the change in that course of action taken by the United States, Biden, who is taking his chest out of the Capitol, is eager to show that he can move forward with his stellar legislation.

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