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Free Computer Science Handbooks for Educators - Aptus

Free Computer Science Handbooks for Educators – Aptus

With the participation of professionals from all over the country and with a variety of topics ranging from computer operation to how to protect internet security, free handbooks have been provided. “Computer science in school” For teachers.

The four books were jointly developed by the National Universities and the Art Specialists Program from the Sadosky Foundation.

The educational materials are intended for teachers of the various courses to integrate content into programming, computer operation, the Internet, and online security and privacy, among others.

The initiative started in 2016 when it had been thought so since inception “Computer science had to be included in a part of formal teaching.” Fernando Chapachnik, Director of the Sadosky Foundation AR Initiative, explained during the hypothetical projection.

“But the challenge was if we got the curriculum space: What would be taught? What content could be taught?”The specialist asked.

In this sense, he has broken it down as “There were no study plans.” It also happens with classic study materials “We had to start identifying what was important to us.”For this purpose, a survey of the state of the situation in other countries and how this issue is being addressed was conducted.

Shapachnik specified that with the materials developed, a meeting was held with the authorities of the National Education Profile to analyze the possibility of integrating this knowledge into the curriculum, but “Everything stopped because of the epidemic.” And I noticed that “We hope that this agenda will resume in the near future, and official announcements can be made in this regard,” he added.

The four booklets correspond to the different school courses with explanations, activities, and vocabulary according to each age group. For this, a Mixed Team was created from Professors and researchers in the field of computer science as well as in educational sciencesHernan Chemerinsky, a member of Program.Ar, said during the show.

In addition, this was set after an open invitation submitted by eleven national universities An international jury It decided that the National University of the District Center of Buenos Aires will work on the guide for the first phase of the elementary school and the National University of Córdoba in the phase corresponding to the second cycle.

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As for secondary education, the guide for the first stage was responsible for the National University of Quilmes and the National University of La Plata for the second cycle; In addition to specialists from various higher education houses, specialists from the program joined, illustrators and designers were called in with the aim of making the content more user-friendly.

The four guides have their own mark, from a language that not only coincides with each academic year but also has terms typical of our culture, such as the main characters represented by the local fauna.

The foundation will present a virtual presentation of material to educators from all over the country on Thursday May 20 at 6:00 pm through YouTube channel.

After that, all materials are available to Free download online In addition, instructors can order the hard copy only by paying the shipping cost.