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"Fortunately or unfortunately I said no to Barcelona twice"

“Fortunately or unfortunately I said no to Barcelona twice”

Xavi Hernandez , Former Barcelona captain and current coach of the club Al Sadd A Qatari admitted that he received offers from Barcelona in recent years, but that لكن “This was not the time.” “What’s coming is coming, we’ll evaluate it and we’ll decide. Things came to us years ago, but it wasn’t the right time. Barcelona came and it wasn’t the right time. No need to rush.”Egarense coach said in an interview with “La Vanguardia”.

And he insisted: “Fortunately or unfortunately I said no to Barcelona twice, due to different circumstances, family, professional, contractual … I would say that it is not very difficult because I am a defender, but it was not the right time.”

In addition, he referred to the episode he went through when he arrived Barcelona A few weeks ago at a time when there was doubt about the continuity come on. “I landed in Barcelona, ​​they wait for me at the airport and people text me as soon as I arrive.” “But didn’t they tell you anything? Well, no, first because there is a coach who is Koeman, who must be respected, and then because I am not in a hurry.”, I consider Xavi Hernandez.

Thus, he confirmed that his future is now in Qatar after renewing it for two years with Al Sadd. “We are very comfortable and open to offers from other clubs but quietly. My priority right now is family and I don’t feel the need to leave. I’m fine as I am”The coach explained.