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Former presidents come out in support of the courts and warn of “constitutional and democratic dangers”

The new round between the presidentAnd Gustavo Petroand the prosecutor Francisco BarbosaBecause of the statements made by the president from his tour of Spain in which he asserted that he was the “boss” of the Attorney General’s office, it caused harsh remarks from several former Ibero-American presidents.

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A group of 24 former presidents have signed a letter calling attention to “Constitutional and Democratic Perils” in Colombia And in which they endorsed the Supreme Court of Justice declaration last Friday (May 5) in which that court backed Attorney General Barbosa in the midst of a bid against the president.

The precedents formed in the region, such as the undermining of the independence of the judiciary by various governments and the undue pressure to intimidate justice officials in front of public opinion, explain behaviors that affect one of the essential elements of representation and drawing attention to the signatories, including former presidents Ivan Duque and Andrés Pastrana.

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The letter was published under the heading IDEA, The political group that includes several former heads of state from the right and center in the region, which also includes Felipe Calderon (Mexico), Vicente Fox (Paraguay) and Sebastian Pinera (Chile), among others.

Politicians claim thatThe intrusion of the justice authorities weakens everyone’s right to judicial guarantees and judicial protectionenshrined in the American Convention on Human Rights.

A statement from the Supreme Court said that the former presidents came out in support of the Supreme Court refused A “wrong” interpretation of the President of the Republic of Article 115 of the Constitution. The CEO used this criterion to justify why he is considered the “chief” of the Attorney General.

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In a statement on Friday, the Supreme Court of Justice drew attention to this fact “Judges, in their rulings, are subject only to the rule of law, while public prosecutors are, in addition, subject to strict legal controls in their actions.”

The tone of the new dispute between the Head of State and the accused entity has risen to the point that confirmation of a meeting between President Barbosa and the judges of the Supreme Courts to address this new institutional crisis is still pending.