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Former Mayor Muyshondt is facing yet another accusation of allocating income tax on solid waste from the metropolitan mayor's office.

Former Mayor Muyshondt is facing yet another accusation of allocating income tax on solid waste from the metropolitan mayor’s office.

Today, the 10th Peace Court acquitted former mayor Ernesto Moichundt of the crime of taking the workers’ income from his agricultural company Montegrande.

Minutes after he was acquitted of the crime of income embezzlement by the Court of Decimo de Paz, another arrest warrant was read from the office of the attorney general for former Mayor Ernesto Moeschundt for the same crime, but this time he could have committed it in solid waste. Directorate of the San Salvador Mayor’s Office, according to the attorney general’s office.

In the same case, Francisco José Rivera Chacon, the former legal representative of the aforementioned department, and the former treasurer of the municipality, Fernando Heriberto Portillo Linares, were also arrested.

The attorney general’s office reported that the three defendants withheld $275,145.31 in income tax from June to December 2020. However, the total amount is $550,290 with interest and fines, according to the tax authority.

VIDEO: Former Mayor Ernesto Moeschundt cancels $21,000 debt with Treasury

Portillo Linares has another court process to allocate withholding work fees on 45 employees of the San Salvador mayor’s office, for more than $678,000. After posting a $10,000 bond, he was released last October

“I am only asking for the persecution to stop,” Mueschund said as he was taken to the police car where he would be taken to Bartolina in the Police Border Security Division, where he has been detained since last Friday when he was arrested for the crime. Grab a deduction of income from a family business located in the eastern part of the country.

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In this case, the former mayor of the capital yesterday held the preliminary hearing in the Court of the Tenth of Peace, which acquitted him of the charges, after he paid $ 50,645.22, which corresponds to the debt he had with the treasury which was $ 21,000 plus interest and fines for non-payment The company’s lease to the Ministry of Finance, according to the prosecution.

“It was possible this morning to establish that Mr. Ernesto Moishundt defrauded the Treasury of the Republic by seizing extracts made in his company in 2018,” said one of the plaintiffs in the case.

He added that he was “left with a final dismissal as a result of his lawyer’s request to allow them to pay in order to enjoy the final dismissal.”

On June 4, the San Salvador Court of Second Inquiry issued a decree for house arrest and the use of an electronic bracelet for former San Salvador mayor, Ernesto Muichond, who is accused by the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) of crimes of illegal groups and election fraud. order, but before he was taken home to comply with the procedure, the police arrested him for another offense related to tax deduction.

“They use the resources, institutions, judicial authorities and attitudes of public officials to prosecute and accuse those of us who think differently and dare to criticize the terrible decisions of the government,” Moishundt denounced after his arrest.

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