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Former Bolsonaro Justice Minister Arrested for Coup Attack on Return from US | International

Police Commissioner Anderson Torres, who stepped down as Justice Minister at the end of the Bolsonaro regime, was arrested this Saturday morning. Bolsonaro is a three-pronged attack Last Sunday in Brasilia. Torres was secretary of public security in the capital when gangs invaded the institutions, a week into Luis Inacio Lula da Silva’s presidency. The threatened plot caught him anyway in Florida, where he was vacationing with his family. The former minister was back at the capital airport after the plane that brought him from the US landed. The Supreme Court on Friday ordered the trial of former President Jair Bolsonaro for anti-democratic acts, accusing Torres of “deliberate complicity”. with rulers.

This week, police raided the home of former Justice Minister Torres and among his possessions was a draft of a presidential decree that proposed placing the Supreme Court in a state of emergency, which would have allowed the government to intervene and overturn election results. Lula narrowly defeated Bolsonaro. The suspect explained via Twitter that the text of the minutes was taken out of context.

Supreme Court Justice Alexander de Moraes, who is presiding over judicial and police investigations into the invasion of the presidency, Congress and the Supreme Court, accuses the politician and former police chief of collusion and neglect. Thousands of Bolsoneristas marched nine kilometers from military headquarters, where they called for a coup d’état, in a demonstration escorted by military police to Brazil’s political and judicial center that turned violent at the doors of the buildings. They easily bypassed flimsy police barriers and entered, destroying everything in their path, including valuable works of art.

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Because he is a police commissioner, Torres is not being held in a detention center, but has been transferred to military police headquarters on the outskirts of Brasilia. He will remain there indefinitely until he is sentenced.

The governor, another Bolsonaro supporter, dismissed Torres after learning that the top politician in charge of ensuring public safety in the capital was on vacation the afternoon of the raid, and that some police officers there were more than willing to help the attackers or take photos with them. The governor, Ibaneis Rocha, was removed from office by the Supreme Court the next day.

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