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Forgive Real Spain and let the win over Motagua slip from our hands

Forgive Real Spain and let the win over Motagua slip from our hands

Real Spain made a mistake and Motagua went out with a point from Morazán with a 1-1 draw on the second day of the 2022-2023 opening tournament. Honduran National Association.

The clubs scored two goals in the first half on the pitch as the fans were unable to reach Because of the punishment against auringros.

The first chance of the match for the local team was when Paraguay Pedro Paez ran into the bottom zone, goalkeeper Marlon came out to be on bail and surrendered to Alejandro Reyes who preferred to end the flow with the possibility of making the ball. . let her run away.

However, as the minutes passed, the actions became more intense on both sides, without any clear control.

At the age of 36, a filtered pass by Chino Lopez, held off the mark of Getsil Montes and enabled Roberto Moreira to reach his third goal of the tournament, which he did not forgive inside the area and before Boba Lopez’s trip the ball went into the net with a 1-0 goal on the board for the visit.

But the joy was short-lived for the national champion, because after a free kick by Alejandro Reyes, defender Getsel Montes rose with a lethal header to put everything up to 1-1, an excellent result for the tall defender.

European field

The second part had one owner, Real Spain, and the entry of Joao Benavides and Kevin Alvarez gave even greater expectations in attack.

Alejandro Reyes tried again to surprise Lacona with a free kick and the goalkeeper controlled it without any problems.

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From the 60th minute, Motagua practically abandoned the attack and it was Real Spain who went with everything in search of the calm goal. The revolts increased with the presence of Junior Lacayo and Darrickson Velto at the court.

Paraguay Pedro Paez had the opportunity to score the second goal for the locals with his right foot, Lacayo fought a battle in the lower zone, and Darrickson Vuelto put the ball on the South American silver platter and squandered. The ball bounced in front of the Blue Cyclone when Marlon Likuna almost lost.

In the 74th minute, Joe Benavidez made a superb shot and Lecona blocked it, and the midfielder took a corner kick, the smallest of which was Junior Lacayo, who managed to head the ball past the Orangi post, and Kevin Alvarez narrowly converted it to the goal.

The auringros knew the Motagua was dedicated and standing up for itself. Little by little the momentum of the offensive power was expended.

On the last occasion of the match, Walter El Collocho Martinez finished off a straight shot and his shot rebounded over Boba Lopez’s goal.

Against Motagua, Real Spain did not receive top scorer Ramiro Roca again, who is serving a four-match ban and has sent the Argentine striker two goals.

Real Spain and Motagua maintain four points in the opening tournament as Marathon and Olympia lead four points each.

In the historical series, this was match 244 where Motagua won 86 times, Real Spain celebrated 81 and tied 77 times. At the Morazán Stadium they played 102 matches where the machine celebrated 38 wins, Motagua won 28 and drew 35.

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The next day, which will take place in the middle of the week, Real Sociedad champions Motagua will visit and host Vida.

data sheet:

Royal Spain: Luis Lopez, Franklin Flores, Getzel Montes, Devron Garcia, Carlos Mejia; Gerson Chavez (55’Jhow Benavídez), Myron Flores, Yeison Mejía (55’Kevin Álvarez), José Alejandro Reyes (68’Darixon Vuelto); Carlos Bernández (68’Júnior Lacayo), Pedro Baez (81’Exon Arzú).

Yellow: Myron Flores, Junior Lacayo, Goal: Getsil Montes (39 minutes)

motagua: Marlon Lecona; Wesley Decas, Carlos Melendez, Denel Maldonado, Marcelo Santos; Jonathan Nunez, Hector Castellanos, Juan Delgado (61′ Walter Martinez), Diego Rodriguez (46’Carlos Mejía); Evan Lopez (60′ Eddie Hernandez), Roberto Moreira (78′ Fabricio Brenner).

Yellow: Diego Rodriguez, Hector Castellanos

Goal: Roberto Moreira (37 minutes).

Starting lines:

Royal Spain: Luis Lopez. Franklin Flores, Getzel Montes, Devron Garcia, Carlos Mejia; Gerson Chavez, Myron Floros, Jason Mejia, Jose Alejandro Reyes; Carlos Bernardez and Pedro Paez.

Motagua: Marlon Lecona, Wesley Decas, Carlos Melendez, Denel Maldonado, Marcelo Santos; Jonathan Nunez, Hector Castellanos, Juan Delgado, Diego Rodriguez; Evan Lopez and Roberto Moreira.