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Forestry Student Association protest

Forestry Student Association protest

The university president emphasized that women’s participation in student leadership has increased.

Durango Horn

In a formal ceremony presided over by the Dean of the University of Juárez State of Durango (UJED), Rubén Solis Rios, the new student community in the College of Forestry and Environmental Sciences, chaired by Pamela García Lozano, a representative figure highlighting the participation of women in leadership positions within the university community.

University President Solís Rios emphasized that “this is definitely the right time for women” and mentioned that seven presidents lead student associations in the schools of Durango and Gómez Palacio, and predicted that there would be great opportunities to increase this number in the upcoming elections. .

Solís Rios emphasized the newly established committee’s deep commitment to the student community, channeling their demands and supporting their needs. He assured that they would have the full support of the Principal and the Rectory to fulfill their responsibilities.

Raúl Solís Moreno, Director of the FCFA, extended the call to work in unity and emphasized that collaborative work leads to important results that promote the progress and growth of the College.

Upon becoming President of the Student Community, Pamela García-Lozano is committed to being the voice of her classmates and to creating an inclusive environment within the student community.

Finally, Durango Undergraduate Student Association President Isaac Cisneros Meraz praised the progress and development of the FCFA community and also highlighted the change in leadership, demonstrating the growth of female leadership: “We know there will be good fruits in co-management.”

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This event represents an important step towards building a more inclusive and equitable environment within the university and highlights the potential and ability of women to lead and make positive changes in society.