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Forest science academics acknowledge university president Rubén Solís Rios’ financial efforts –

Director of the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Sciences, Raúl Solís Moreno, led a group of academics who visited the Rectory to meet with Professor Rubén Solís Ríos and speak in favor of the work he was doing to keep the Universidad Juárez of State of Durango stable, especially in the financial aspect, “because all this time has been difficult Our paychecks continued to come to our homes, as did our year-end benefits.”

Solis Moreno acknowledged that college students “overcame the uncertainty of not paying, which wasn’t easy, because we were so close to the procedures I implemented to get the appeal.” He also expressed his thanks to the academic unit community for the support it provided them during his administration, “which helped us to increase academic indicators.”

Raúl Solís Moreno was supported by a representative group of faculty of the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Sciences at this meeting with the University Guide, each with a different responsibility and who have contributed their expertise and dedication to academic enhancement, through national and international accreditation of study plans and the increase of campus infrastructure, With the clear support of the Rector of the highest house of studies in the state.

In this context, the academics and the Rector of the College endorsed their commitment to the work, support and recognition of the central administration headed by Solís Rios, because “if you do a good job in the steps you take to maintain the university, things are going well for us, so far. We repeat this gratitude, because we have not We face any difficulty in receiving our salaries and benefits and this makes us aware of the management and commitment they have with the people working at this university, Solis Moreno commented.

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For his part, University President Rubén Solís Rios acknowledged the work they have developed at FCFA to accredit their programs, which is of benefit to UJED, especially with those that have achieved international status. At the same time, he affirmed the guest house’s support for the plans and projects that they intend to develop this year in that academic unit, “which I highlight whenever the opportunity arises.”

In this regard, he emphasized that the German ASIIN organization is, without a doubt, an important support for the accreditation of academic programs, “I hope that it will continue with national and international accreditations and that this will prevail in the college, where it is clear that they are always points in favor of you and the institution.”

After explaining part of the activities they are carrying out during the meeting and acknowledging the support they have received from the Rector’s Office in their projects, Solis Rios indicated that progress has already been made in terms of infrastructure according to financial possibilities, and noted that classrooms have been built in the Postgraduate Building The works where the Campus Administration is currently located have been completed, some equipment has been delivered and a resource from the Multiple Contribution Fund is awaiting, which will allow the load of some other works.

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