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Canciller dice comunidad internacional no ha reaccionado ante situación de Haití

Foreign Minister says the international community has not reacted to the situation in Haiti

The Minister of Foreign Relations, Roberto Alvarez, said that despite the warnings issued by the country about the situation in Haiti, the international community has not reacted in the right way to the social and political crisis taking place there.

“The Dominican Republic is drawing the attention of the international community to the alarming situation in Haiti, without an appropriate response,” the foreign minister said via his Twitter account.

The official in charge of international relations for the country reacted when he quoted an opinion piece in the Washington Post titled “Haiti descends into chaos, while world continues to look the other way.”

President Louis Abenader, for his part, has on several occasions requested the holding of international summits to search for a solution to the situation in Haiti.

Just yesterday, Pope Francis asked the leaders of countries for help in Haiti, which is affected by a social and political crisis exacerbated by the assassination of its President Jovenel Moise.

It is reported that at least 16 US citizens have been kidnapped by a paramilitary group in that country.

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