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Florida police officers “captured” a 3-meter alligator that was loose in the street

Police catch alligator walking near Tampa Bay stadium

Policemen Tampa They were called to the business district of the city because of a disturbance, but it was not a public fight or someone behaving in a disorderly manner. was 2.7 meter crocodile He was wandering the street not far from Raymond James Stadium on Wednesday night Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The urban crocodile flicked its tail several times when an officer first approached it, prodding it with an outstretched cane. According to body camera video released by the Tampa Police Department, half a dozen officers watched with a crowd of onlookers as patrol car lights flashed down the blocked street.

The officer then made a rope of yellow rope and tied it over the crocodile’s mouth. “Ready?” said an officer. “Do you want to jump on him?”

They did the same as one officer went with the head outstretched and another officer crushed the body of the crocodile. A third officer was appointed to capture the crocodile.

The officer, who covered the crocodile’s mouth, asked his colleagues for a towel to cover his eyes and tape to wrap around his mouth. They also taped the alligator’s legs together. “Behind his back, like you’re handcuffing him,” one officer said.

Bill WaltersAn alligator hunter contracted by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Nuisance Alligator Program who was called in to help authorities said he was impressed by the work Tampa officers did before he arrived on the scene.

“They did a great job,” Walters told Tampa television station WFLA. “They took care of everything for me.”

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(With information from AP)

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